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What empowers young people to dream big and hope for change sometimes comes off to their elders as mere naiveté to the cruelty of an unforgiving world.

While millennials may call the trait “drive,” others simply dismiss the vision as being “too optimistic,” a tag that Spanish entrepreneur Eloi Gómez is very much aware of.

“We want to give everybody the necessary tools to submerge themselves in the world of entrepreneurship successfully and with no guesswork,” said 28-year-old Spanish entrepreneur Eloi Gómez, who cofounded the start-up company Jeff in 2015 along with Adrián Lorenzo and Rubén Muñoz.

“Our team is optimistic,” Gómez, 28, affirmed. “However, there are many hours of work and dedication behind our optimism.”

Gómez, along with his fellow young partners Adrián Lorenzo and Rubén Muñoz, cofounded in 2015 the Spanish start-up called Jeff, an omnichannel ecosystem of day-to-day services. The three do not downplay the role of having a positive mindset in putting up the company designed to make life easier, but they did qualify its nature, saying that their optimism stems not from shallow confidence. Rather, it comes from the combination of informed outlook, expert know-how, and the genuine desire to help.

“We launched our first business line Mr. Jeff, a home delivery laundry service, because we wanted people to be able to enjoy their free time, forget about their washing and ironing and simply make their lives easier,” Gómez told the BusinessMirror in an e-mail interview. “Today, Jeff offers much more than just laundry and dry cleaning services and has evolved into an ecosystem that offers services which all aim to better people’s quality of life, including beauty, fitness or wellness.”

‘Business in a box’

Jeff has now reached more than 2,300 franchises in 40 countries with plans to expand further, particularly its business lines Beauty Jeff and Fit Jeff.

Gómez said they plan to share Jeff’s model of success to aspiring entrepreneurs as their way of helping people bounce back from the onslaught of the pandemic. According to the latest figures from the International Labour Organization, the second quarter of 2020 saw 495 million full-time jobs lost.

Through its “business in a box” concept, Jeff is positioned to support all types of new entrepreneurs, from those starting out to the more experienced ones who wish to expand and diversify their investment.

“We also aim to contribute to the development of local communities and neighborhoods, giving back to them what digitization has taken away,” Gómez said, adding that all of Jeff’s services are available on their omnichannel that integrates the best of the online and offline world. “We want users to be able to easily access and consume our services in a way that suits them best, be it online or offline.”

Jeff’s confidence

Throughout 2020, Jeff has been garnering the support of foreign investors from different industries. The company has raised $21 million in a Series B financing round, which was led by the fundsAll Iron Ventures, Alma Mundi Ventures and FJLabs; investors from companies such as Alibaba, Dropbox, Uber, and  Stripe; and by renowned entrepreneur Javier Rubio through Alcor Ocean S.L.

The fresh investment will be directed towards launching in the U.S. with the opening of Jeff’s first office in New York. It will also be used to develop technological products for its global network of entrepreneurs, including the franchisees in the Philippines, where Jeff has sold 80 Mr. Jeff laundry franchises, along with the first Beauty and Jeff and Fit Jeff hubs.

“The Philippines is one of our key markets and of course it will benefit from this new investment,” Gómez said.

Bullish on the Philippine market

Jeff entered the Philippine market last year, which was the company’s first launch in the Asia-Pacific region. Gómez pointed to the growth of the country’s middle-class market that drew Jeff to the Philippines.

Along with the introduction home-delivery laundry business model in the country were two other verticals: the beauty and fitness services through the Beauty Jeff salons and Fit Jeff fitness studios.

“Currently, our percentage of online orders is around 65-70 percent of the total,” he said. “The number of orders in the country keeps growing  due to our high retention rates and an increasing  number of new customers, as well as the fact that we are offering great service with a quality rating of  4.8 out of 5.”

Gómez added that they have increased billing in most of the stores since the pandemic began, crediting their preparedness for contactless pick-ups and deliveries.

The cofounder maintains that Jeff has not ruled out potential investors coming from the Philippines. However, he said that the group is currently focused on consolidating the brand in the country by creating a high density of Jeff stores.

Gómez also emphasized that Jeff’s model can serve all different kinds of entrepreneurs, as the group has worked with a high variety of entrepreneurial profiles, from first-time business owners and investors to the self-employed, from the young people just starting out to those preparing for retirement.

“This is part of our strategy,” Gómez said. “We want to give everybody the necessary tools to submerge themselves in the world of entrepreneurship successfully and with no guesswork.”


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