Perfect home entertainment partners with Jose Mari Chan this Christmas

GRAND Videoke is the perfect home entertainment partner for families to sing and quarantining together can enjoy their holiday home-cation by belting out their favorite Christmas songs and having a friendly competition with the GV Perfect Pitch Battle Mode. Moreover, Grand Videoke also has the Perfect Pitch Scoring System which acts as a digital vocal coach that gives scores to elements like vibrato, rhythm and pitch.

Many things can be considered iconic of the Christmas season. Twinkling lights, hot cocoa, hand-wrapped gifts, and bedazzled holiday trees are just a few of them. For Filipinos though, there is something—or rather, someone—else who represents the season effortlessly; and that’s singer-composer Jose Mari Chan.

The seasoned artist’s songs have become such an important staple during the holiday season that he can easily be considered, as he said as the Little Drummer Boy that heralds the season in the Philippines. When asked about why he thinks his songs, and music in general, have become so famous, he said: “Music is essentially the language of the soul. It expresses best our innermost feelings of joy and sadness, and it can set our mood. Music can instantly take us back to a time and place.”

And that is exactly, what the nation as a collective easily needs at the moment. There is no doubt about the pandemic causing dramatic shifts in the way we spend Christmas this year as the public is still encouraged to stay at home to keep safe.

“In this time of the pandemic, when we are most alone in our thoughts, music is a source of comfort. Music has the ability to lift our spirit and brighten up our mood,” Chan shared.

With his perspective and his iconic association with the Christmas season, it makes perfect sense for the artist to recently collaborate with Grand Videoke, a brand under the Audio-Video Solutions Corp. (AVSC) which offers top-notch and world-class home entertainment products. AVSC is also the name behind other videoke and entertainment systems like WOW! Fiesta Videoke and LD Systems speakers.

“Mr. Chan is the perfect partner for us this Christmas,” said Jin Cortez, Grand Videoke Marketing OIC. “There’s this kind of warmth that his songs always bring to us Filipinos during this season and we believe that is something we need more than ever right now.”

Grand Videoke has been proactive throughout the year to talk about the importance of music in a country that has been stuck in a gloomy situation. “We want to depart, at least temporarily, to the idea that videoke can only be done outside with a crowd. You can enjoy music in your home to keep safe,” said Cortez.

This is especially important since several communities have been called out after some of its residents broke lockdown protocols by throwing videoke parties. Moreover, the Department of Health (DOH) has also advised against public videoke sessions as it can easily spread the virus.

The gift of music might be the best thing you can give to yourself and your family this holiday season. Check out more details of Grand Videoke products by heading to their web site ( now.

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