Sitti debuts new single, ‘Tahan’ for Widescope Entertainment

Sitti and the cover art for her debut single for Widescope Entertainment, ‘Tahan.’

Just a little over a month after Widescope Entertainment introduced celebrated singer-songwriter Ebe Dancel, another music icon will be part of the company’s growing roster of artists.

This time, no less than Sitti, the country’s undisputed bossa nova queen is joining the Widescope family. And she’s announcing her arrival in her new home with a brand-new single she herself composed, “Tahan.”

Written only last May at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, “Tahan” is an inspirational ballad that marks a departure from Sitti’s usual bossa nova sound. Produced by Sitti and Arranged by Ria Osorio, Sitti calls the song her “first inspirational release” and echoing Osorio’s words, describes it as “progressively meditative.”

She admitted that like most people affected by the pandemic, she felt all kinds of emotions including fear, confusion, anxiety.

“This pandemic has really shaken me, and I often thought about those whose livelihoods were displaced, those who have lost their loved ones, how they couldn’t even give them proper burials and how uncertain all of life truly is,” the singer-songwriter confessed.  

Turning to her faith for strength and inspiration, Sitti started working on “Tahan” last May. “I am truly grateful to the Lord for giving me this song. If I remember correctly, the last time I wrote a song was in 2017. To be able to write again, and at the same be healed by the process is truly a gift especially in these difficult times,” she admitted.

Inspired by The Bible’s Book of Psalms particularly by how David just poured out his whole heart to God without holding anything back, Sitti could not hold back tears while writing “Tahan,” a word that in the vernacular means to stop crying.

“I cried as I wrote the song, cried at the end on my first recording session and cried again as I listened to the first rough mix. ‘Tahan’ is the only solace after all the outpouring of emotion. Tahan na, magiging okay din ang lahat sa takdang panahon,” she further shared.

Through the song, Sitti encourages everyone to tell the Lord everything, every painful experience, every sadness. “After doing so, the song hopes that in the surrendering to God, there could be healing and faith even if our current circumstances might cause worry and unrest,” she explained.

“My favorite line is ‘O Diyos, palimos ng pag-asa’ as it truly reflected the state of my heart then—how hopeless everything seemed and clinging to Him for hope was the only option to survive. Nung sinusulat ko ‘tong kanta, walang wala na talaga yung pakiramdam ko e, talagang mamamalimos na ako ng pag-asa.

In deciding to release “Tahan” thru Widescope, Sitti cites her strong desire to work again with Neil Gregorio, who produced her double platinum debut album, Café Bossa, and who she considers as one of those responsible for her fruitful career.

“I’m excited to work with Neil and his team on Widescope. I know I’m in good hands and am looking forward to releasing a new album by next year,” she enthused.

Sitti’s “Tahan” will be released on all major streaming platforms this November 6, 2020.


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