Wearing safety: A ‘kidspiration’ in entrepreneurship

A PouchBAND for the entire family

WE have heard that children are less likely to suffer the severe symptoms of Covid-19, but recent studies have concluded that young children can in fact spread the virus even more efficiently than adults. For this reason, keeping tabs on children’s health, particularly within schools and family units, is more vital than ever in containing the spread of

the virus.

As sanitation has become an even more important standard for households, I have also been on the lookout for simpler solutions. For example, I get confused with all the sanitation materials I need to buy now. I also have valid concerns because we have to use them more often, about whether they are too harsh for our health. Instead of having alcohol or various disinfectants, are there all-in-one cleansers that are antibacterial and safe for our health if in case we or our pet accidentally ingests it?  After months of finding a solution, we now only have two kinds of cleansers in the house: one is antibacterial and food-grade for more sensitive surfaces; the other is an antibacterial detergent for everything else. I believe it is the same for technology. 

Today, we have thermometers, oximeters, and Google forms to fill up for contact tracing. Especially when we our kids start going to schools on-site, or when our family goes to public places, is there a more efficient way to monitor and track Covid-19 risks?

PouchPASS (www.pouchpass.com) is a leader in behavioral analytics technologies that has pivoted its existing wearable technology to help track the presence of Covid-19.

It utilizes sensors to provide high-accuracy body temperature data every minute and, coupled with the PouchPASS application, allows the users to monitor body temperature continuously, remotely, and without interpersonal or physical contact.

All data are synchronized real-time in the PouchPASS online dashboard and stored on the cloud. These are treated with extremely high privacy standards. They may only be viewed with the

consent of the users. The PouchBAND is also comfortable to wear, dust- and water-resistant, and requires no charging. It is accessible for both iOS and Android users.

PouchPASS is one of the products of PouchNATION. This company has successfully sold millions of wearables across different industries in events like conferences, concerts, festivals, sports events, and more. It has always been at the forefront of new guest technologies like RFID-enabled cashless payments, geolocation, ticketing, and POS development.

In the course of my interview with Ilya Kravtsov, CEO of PouchPASS, I also found great insights on how to raise my kids to be more entrepreneurial. According to him, choosing to be an entrepreneur is a hard choice.  He shares that in Europe, you are pushed more to have a corporate career; university years also prepare you more to take a safe choice. He started with a career in Management Consultancy, but had always been passionate about technology. He boldly “rebelled from this natural path” and decided to start from zero, then “self-drive this choice.” No one asked him to do that.

I learned from him how adaptability and resilience are important to develop as a child. Ilya was originally from Moscow, then grew up in Italy. He moved from six different schools growing up.  He was in different countries, faced different languages. These changes often inserted him into challenging environments, but also positively exposed him to adapting to dynamism. Today, Ilya has been living in Asia for 10 years, with six offices across the region.

I also like to teach my kids his idea of a supporting environment in business.  Most of us believe that being in business means intense and at times ruthless, competition. Ilya shares his appreciation in being part of the community of tech entrepreneurs in Asia. It is part of what drives him and he appreciates the support they share with each other. He is always motivated by his close friends that he sees on a regular basis more than the bigger names in the global tech field.

When I asked what is the top quality he looks for in a future hire, he says, “Attitude is No. 1, because I think attitude is very hard to teach. Skills can be taught.”  He goes on to say that even if he finds a candidate who is amazing in hard skills but the attitude is wrong, he would never hire such candidate. I think this is a valuable lesson to us parents in providing not just the best education for our kids but also the environment to hone their soft skills.


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