South African firm introduces AI-powered solution to fight Covid-19

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Johannesburg, South Africa-based UC-Wireless (Pty) Ltd. recently introduced in the Philippine market InstantVitals which the company described as “a unique mix of signal processing and AI technology that measures three key early-detection vital signs with medical grade accuracy.”

To boost its presence in the local market, UC-Wireless partnered with Filipino-owned tech company Radenta Technologies as its partner and distributor.

According to UC-Wireless, InstantVitals is the world’s first smart mobile-based app that provides advanced health-care risk assessment and Covid-19 screening for institutional and personal use.

UC-Wireless said InstantVitals is equipped with an embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can measure oxygen saturation, resting heart rate and respiratory rate in approximately 20 to 50 seconds with a 98 percent accuracy.

The known critical early warning signs of Covid-19 include a reduction in oxygen saturation (below 95 percent) and/or a high resting heart rate (above 100 beats per minute), or an increase in respiratory rate (above 20 breaths per minute) in a resting person. The company said the entry of InstantVitals will boost the testing capacity of the country as latest studies show that temperature reading alone is ineffective in detecting a possible infection.

As an open system, Radenta Technologies said InstantVitals can be deployed on any user regardless of  age, gender and skin color. “It runs like any other app on a mobile phone or tablet. The app calculates a risk status from the vital signs and the answers to the screening questions, which are encrypted and stored in its secure cloud service,” Radenta Technologies explained.

InstantVitals generates a unique encrypted QR code for each person’s device for screening. When the QR code is scanned, and the symptom questionnaire is completed, the vital signs are measured. The information captured is kept private. Companies using InstantVitals for their business can see risk status reporting on their InstantVitals dashboard.

The risk status of screened individuals is flagged as green for healthy; amber for caution (vital signs and symptoms are not normal but not high risk); red to mean one or more vital signs and symptoms are indicating a risk which should be referred for medical attention or diagnosis; and extreme red to mean a critical status so urgent medical treatment should be sought by the individual. Those whose risk results are red or critical status should be referred for Covid-19 testing.

The app can be made compliant for mass QR code scanning by individuals who are screened at home. It also enables screening for visitors and staff without phones at corporate offices, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, public transport facilities, schools, universities, airports, industrial sites and other places.

UC-Wireless (Pty) Ltd. developed InstantVitals in collaboration with medical doctors, engineers, professors and tech experts.

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