Digital marketplace to help entrepreneurs recover

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MyKuya, a digital marketplace for hiring services in real time, continues to operate for both its driver community and consumers. Recently, it also announced that it is ready to  help entrepreneurs thrive and survive in these challenging times. 

In a recent webinar, Dennis Bunye, country head of MyKuya, told reporters that they plan to empower entrepreneurs severely hit by Covid-19. Moreover, Bunye said MyKuya is calling upon entrepreneurs engaged in manpower recruitment plus traditional service providers to onboard with MyKuya and take advantage of technology to reach more consumers.

“Through these initiatives, MyKuya is living up to its brand of giving a helping hand, not just to consumers but to employers as well,” Bunye said. “My Kuya is responding to the pain points that has dealt a severe blow to businesses, particularly those belonging to micro, small, medium enterprises.” Bunye said the business climate has become unpredictable resulting in companies implementing major adjustments to their long-term plans.  As a result, Bunye said entrepreneurs have found it difficult to adjust in a timely fashion to the shifting economic environment affecting business strategies.

“Loss of revenue, budget cuts and retrenchments are the biggest obstacles these days,” he said.

In response, Bunye said MyKuya will implement the following measures to help entrepreneurs bounce back.

These are: providing flexible staffing solutions; manpower support for any related task booked by the hour; trained partners providing consistent performance; concierge support that offers convenience; guaranteed service level agreements; best technology available using the platform; scalability to support growing demand; and affordable rates. Bunye underscored that it is a tremendous challenge for SMEs with limited capacity to shift their business model to adapt to the new business conditions, traditional to digital. “By going digital, MyKuya is developing a future-ready business model. We supercharge traditional businesses to go on-demand in as fast as 24 hours,” Bunye said.

“We empower our franchisees to create more jobs while they grow their business,” he said.  MyKuya’s main mission since it launched is to create 1 million job opportunities in the Philippines. The company didn’t postpone its pursuit even when the lockdown in Luzon was imposed by the government. When the company launched an online job fair in March, it saw 1,000 applicants in just 45 minutes, a fraction of the 10,000 applications the company has received so far.

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