WATCH | Sabby Sousa recalls the good times in a past relationship with ‘Emerald’

Toronto-based artist Sabby Sousa is no longer a stranger to the digital music realm. Her effervescent pop smash “Cream n’ Frosting” from last year became a viral hit on both Spotify and iTunes Philippines and the rest of Asia. It charted inside the top 50 for weeks due to its unexpected popularity on short form video platform, TikTok.

Following a short hiatus, the hyper-pop hitmaker recently returned with “Emerald,” produced by French Canadian electronic duo House of Wolf. A nostalgic R&B single that tackles a story of a romantic relationship gone astray, the song finds Sabby’s syrupy vocals complementing the track’s atmospheric sonic backdrop as she fondly recalls a past relationship and sets aside bitterness for a peace of mind.

“I had gone through a breakup and didn’t want to write anything sad or angry. I wanted to remember what it felt like in those moments and hold them close. It reminded me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. What lasts forever is the memories you make. So live life to the fullest,” Sabby shared in discussing the inspiration behind the song.

Gracing SoundStrip Live Online, Sabby Sousa performs a special quarantine version of “Emerald” for her Filipino fans.


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