WATCH | Artikulo Kwatro finds inspiration amid the pandemic

Hailing from the province of Nueva Ecija, the six-piece indie rock band is composed of Raphael Bernardo Mallari on vocals, Rogie Navarro on rhythm acoustic guitar, Shaik Jacamille on lead guitar, James Ian Dato on rhythm electric guitar, Eliezer bombits on bass guitar and Joffrey Gayla on drums.

According to frontman EL Mallari, the Band’s vision is to travel around the country to be an inspiration to other amateur and indie artists.

The band wants to underscore patriotism through their music and has already released several singles on Spotify including “A Coffee Story,” “Inspirado,” “Bumitaw” and “Kuntento.”

Gracing SoundStrip Live & in Quarantine, Artikulo Kwatro is performing a special home version of their second single, “Inspirado.” As the title suggests, it’s for people who are inspired by their loved ones and their faith in God.

Notwithstanding the ongoing pandemic, here’s a band that is certainly not lacking in inspiration.


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