The impact of nature on one’s well-being

Aerial shot of Zadia at Greenfield City

“HOME is where your health is” may not be the standard adage that pertains to your living space, but the statement cannot be more true especially in this time of a global pandemic. With most of the world shuttered at home to keep safe, the yearning for “green spaces”—urban or architectural structures where trees and plants thrive or residential developments that co-exist within an abundant amount of nature to give a slice of the great outdoors indoors has become one of the things that people look forward to.

Zadia in Greenfield City, Laguna is a prime example of a resilient real-estate development that exists among abundant green spaces. Existing within a lush cove of trees, plants and greenery, Zadia is deliberately maintained and enhanced to uplift the well-being of its residents, true to its “Greenspiration” concept.

Today, we are at the cusp of what is famously called the “new normal.” Inspired by changes the world has to take as it battles a pandemic, the new normal gives a premium on taking care of one’s health, to build immunity against disease. We break down the reasons why living in green spaces is beneficial to one’s health in this new normal world:

Improved relaxation and restoration. There is a reason why green is known as the color related to zen and vibrant health. Studies show that exposure to green spaces relieves chronic stress among individuals, shifting them to a more positive emotional state. The sight of greenery, such as the ones abundant in Zadia, helps shift the brain to a more peaceful state.

A stronger immune system. Did you know that the unseen elements of nature make you more immune to sickness? A study made in Japan showed that frequenting forests improve immune responses linked to fighting cancer. Furthermore, several journals stated that people living nearby green spaces lowered the prevalence of asthma. Particularly for children who live in such areas, there is a reduced risk of developing allergies because the body adapts to microorganisms found in nature.

Enhanced physical activity. It’s no secret that regular exercise strengthens a person’s immunity and releases harmful toxins from the body. The presence of green spaces encourages people to spend time outdoors, and live less sedentary lifestyles which helps avoid obesity, cancer and osteoporosis. Closer to one’s abode, Zadia units are equipped with spacious balconies that open up to lush greenery and clear blue skies so residents can get in their daily exercise without having to go very far. Several amenities also provide space for fitness, adherent to new normal standards.

Reduced feelings of depression and improved mental health. Taking a walk outside to “clear your mind” does have scientific backing. Taking advantage of green spaces is said to be linked to lower stress levels and less depression and anxiety among individuals. In Sweden, a study on women who transferred residences closer to green spaces showed significant mental-health improvements.

Health-enhancing social interactions. Yes, talking to your neighbors can be beneficial to your overall health, and green spaces provide a comfortable and inviting environment that’s suitable for socializing with your community. With proper social distancing as experts find an end to the pandemic, green spaces provides avenues for community building and fosters social inclusion especially for children and adolescents.

Green spaces are the defining element of Zadia, the first mid-rise condominium development within Greenfield City ( Zadia allows its residents to live the best of both worlds: its modern condominium amenities allow residents to have the best and most convenient benefits of urban living, while the massive amount of green spaces provide condo dwellers a higher quality of health and life compared to developments located in Metro Manila.

Zadia’s proximity to Calax makes travel time shorter from Manila to Laguna as well, so work commitments and urban pleasures located in the Metro is not sacrificed for the added ease and well-being that comes with living in Greenfield City.

Developed by one of the country’s most diversified real-estate companies, Equus Property Venture Inc. continues to cater to the ever-evolving needs of homebuyers for comfortable, sustainable living in innovative and well-planned urban developments that value the land that it is built on.

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