Okada Manila deploys robots for total property disinfection

Following the launch of the “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.” (3T) campaign, Okada Manila introduces its newest roster of state-of-the-art disinfection robots to help maintain a clean and safe resort environment.

The promise of service through heart (magokoro) and hospitality (omotenashi) remains central to Okada Manila’s plans and overall strategy while also embracing innovation. “As a future-forward brand, Okada Manila is always at the forefront in implementing advanced technologies to keep the resort a delightful, safe place,” said Ivaylo S. Ivanov, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations. “These robots are a great addition to our safety team, because they are very efficient. They can cover large public spaces on preprogrammed routes in high-traffic areas, as well as individual rooms and suites. They are fun and even capable of greeting guests.”

The Ben Ben Robot is equipped to sanitize large rooms and vast areas with relative ease. It uses a high-intensity ultraviolet (UV-C) light that purges the DNA of viruses and bacteria. Studies show that UV-C technology is one of the most effective ways to eliminate germs and viruses from highly touched surfaces.

While it may be harsh with harmful elements, the Ben Ben Robot is friendly to guests as it is programmed to say a few words to people within its range. One key feature of this robot is its ability to provide special broadcasts and even give directions to key locations in the property. Once the resort fully reopens, guests can expect to see the Ben Ben Robot doing its job in keeping Okada Manila safe and clean.

In addition to the Ben Ben robot, BJDG-XD100 disinfection robots are also on site. These robots eliminate bacteria and viruses through misting or fogging. Like the Ben Ben, it also has UV capabilities to ensure thorough disinfection. 

Since the start of the 3T campaign, Okada Manila has invested in advanced cleaning equipment like electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet spotlights. The resort’s entrances now have high-end disinfection chambers that sanitize each person who enters the enclosure, effectively removing the threat of possible risks that may be transmitted through close contact. Thermal scanners are also deployed at each entrance to safely monitor each guest’s body temperature upon their arrival. 

Also implemented within the property are reinforced safety measures to ensure guests are comfortable during their stay. Team members are empowered through proper training and orientation programs, most especially with the handling of new robotic equipment in the property. To give guests peace of mind, safety seals are now placed in rooms and other room fixtures like drawers and boxes.

Okada Manila believes that it can preserve its signature brand of Filipino-Japanese hospitality while assimilating modern solutions that will help keep its premises safe and secure. The use of technology is not meant to supplant human touch, but enhance and solidify the existing systems in place. For Okada Manila, the goal remains the same: to provide a clean and safe experience for guests, through service with heart.

For more information about 3T, visit www.okadamanila.com/3T


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