Music that evokes in the mind’s eye with Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X

Speakers are designed to render sound as it was intended to be heard. For a variety of reasons, however, most wireless or Bluetooth speakers are no match for traditional speakers of a similar price when it comes to sound quality. Faced with this challenge, Huawei has developed the Sound X, a HIFI wireless speaker with flawless audio quality.

Exquisite overall design

The overall design of the HUAWEI Sound X was inspired by the golden roof above the Vienna Music Hall, featuring a sleek black body. Its coating utilizes a special insulated structure that ensures quality signal reception and transmission, enhancing audio quality without sacrificing high-frequency performance.

At first glance, certain aspects of the Sound X’s design seem quite standard. The mesh design of the lower part of the speaker, for instance, is a signature feature of traditional speakers designed to transmit a more powerful sound. Dig deeper and you can see how the Sound X sets itself apart from other speakers. The bass unit in the upper part of the Sound X delivers powerful amplitudes that vibrate the whole speaker, giving it its peerless Hi-Fi sound. That’s why a solid shell is adopted to keep it stable enough to deliver such high-quality sound.

The speaker is coated with premium, impact-resistant polycarbonate material to protect the product when it needs to be moved, while also furnishing a unique exterior design.

A defining design feature of the HUAWEI Sound X is its open, visible bass unit. When music is played, sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate, creating a lasting visual impression to heighten the emotional resonance of the music. In addition, when a hand or other object gets too close to the subwoofers, the music playback will automatically pause, preventing them from being damaged by collisions during playback. The recessed design they adopt is a further insurance policy in this regard.

In addition, the Sound X’s sound holes put air molecules in motion when the speaker vibrates, and also help clear the speaker of any dust that would otherwise accumulate due to its open bass unit design.

Hi-Fi audio with Devialet SAM technology

Huawei has spared no efforts in tweaking and fine-tuning the Sound X’s software. It has cooperated with Devialet and armed the speaker with the French audio brand’s exclusive Speaker Active Matching (SAM technology), which is capable of adapting the output signal to match the specific characteristics of the speaker, and minimizing sound distortion. As a result, listening to audio on the Sound X provides for total immersion, transporting you to the scene that the music evokes in your mind’s eye.

SAM also ensures that the acoustic pressure reproduced by the speaker precisely matches that recorded by the microphone. The Sound X’s bass diaphragms react impulsively to the audio signal, preventing any lag between the bass and the rest of the spectrum. This solution maintains the richness and character of the original audio.

Thanks to SAM, using the Sound X to play the same audio feels like walking on smooth, stable, newly paved roads, allowing you to enjoy audio of low frequencies to the fullest.

With flagship-class configuration and the cutting-edge technologies of Devialet, the HUAWEI Sound X delivers an upgraded audio effect. The Sound X also supports Huawei Share OneHop. You can enable NFC and Bluetooth on your phone and tap it against the NFC icon on the speaker to quickly connect your phone to the speaker. Music played on your phone will then seamlessly switch to the speaker for playback. If you want to answer the call on your Sound X, just tap your phone against the Sound X. Alternatively, you can choose to answer via the speaker from your phone or press the speaker’s Multi-function button.

Built in collaboration with Devialet for higher fidelity audio software and equipped with dual subwoofers for a more solid bass, the HUAWEI Sound X stands out from other products of a similar price with its excellent audio quality. It’s a wireless speaker you don’t want to miss.

Huawei Sound X has Hi-Res certification from Japan Audio Society – the highest certification a HiFi speaker can have in the industry.

The new normal shouldn’t be an auditory wasteland by any means — the Huawei Sound X welcomes anybody into its oasis of pure acoustic bliss, offering multimedia sound that resonates with the senses as well as the soul.

Buy the Huawei Sound X and experience #SoundBeyondImagination for only P19,990.


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