The goodness of building your home in the East

With everything that is happening around us, your home is your sanctuary. It is where you feel most safe and relaxed. Having a haven where you feel free and can do many things, improves your overall quality of life, giving you space to spend time alone or with the people you love.

Owning land can be expensive, and there is a need for well-built and thoughtfully designed quality living spaces that people could enjoy. This is what the people behind Amiya Raya had in mind when they conceptualized the development east of Quezon City. In Hindu-Sanskrit, Amiya Raya means “a view that delights the senses, a description that captures the essence of the development.”

“Having no choice but to stay home during the two-month long community quarantine has made many recognize the importance of having ample spaces to move around,” Arlene Jacosalem, AVP-Marketing and Business Development shared.

“Another is that the current pandemic showed us the importance of having a safe retreat for our family: one with big open spaces to make physical distancing possible, a breathable environment to move around in, and scenic views that are ideal, both for working from home and for relaxation.”

Your sanctuary in the east. The exclusive, an Asian-themed, residential enclave boasts of a stunning 270-degree view of the city, Laguna de Bay, and the Rizal mountain ranges. Amiya Raya recently launched Phase 4 of its development, which has a limited number of residential lots and cuts ranging from 250 to 755 sq m. With less than 50 percent remaining in inventory, this phase offers a much more exclusive neighborhood with lots having some of the highest peaks and best views in the said development.

The homes at Amiya Raya allow its residents to live with nature, a delightful experience for the soul and the senses. Its designs are inspired by various Asian architectural concepts—modern, minimalist and Zen.  It boasts of split-level structures that enhances the use of ground space and opens interesting visual perspectives around the living area.

These structures are also known for their classic, clean lines, simple yet luxurious appointments, generous open living areas, efficient use of space and sense of natural tropical style. In the heart of the house design intent, is to blend in, and not obstruct nature.

A balance of city and resort living. Amiya Raya is currently working on the completion of its 3,100-square-meter clubhouse and sports facility, an 11-hectare nature park, a village center, and a retail area. Situated 240 meters above sea-level and enveloped by its natural environs, it offers resort-like living that is only a 15-minute drive from the city. It is located in San Mateo, Rizal, which makes it close to places of interests, such as schools, churches, malls and government offices.

The stability of the real-estate industry makes owning property, a sound and reasonable investment. Apart from that you will have your very own place where you can completely be yourself and just be.

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