WATCH | Bunny Shy sings about being ‘Restless’ in Cebu

Bunny Shy

Coming from a musical pedigree, Cebu-based singer-songwriter Bunny Shy grew up being surrounded by music all her life. From bands to music studios to theater musicals to movies, she has been exposed to all of them in a big way.

“I eventually majored in Marine Biology and Filmmaking but still kept songwriting and playing as a hobby to de-stress,” she told SoundStrip. “Music is the one thing in life I’m not insecure about because it’s something I do to make me happy–not to impress anyone.”

Bunny started posting her songs when the community quarantine took effect in Cebu, challenging herself to write a minute-long song every day for 30 days. “Living alone and with terrible internet connection helped me keep my promise since I had no distractions. Naturally not every single one was good, but it gave me a newfound drive and appreciation for songwriting.” she further shared.

Bunny Shy

She might be a little too hard on herself because at least one of her songs, which she “temporarily” calls “Restless” sounds good enough to merit being presented to a wider online audience. Accompanied by her trusty ukulele, Bunny says the song, which she performs exclusively for SoundStrip Live & in Quarantine is a culmination of her “quarantine feels” or “the frustration that comes with feeling helpless and stuck.”

Nicely contrasted by a hum-and-strum-along melody that gives an unmistakable island vibe, “Restless” is a nice example of what this promising young artist is capable of.

And there is a lot more where this came from on her own YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram account.


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