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How long could I be contagious before a positive virus test?

Studies have shown that people may be contagious for about two days before developing COVID-19 symptoms. In fact, right before developing symptoms is when people are likely the most contagious.

POC elections: First shots fired as Aranas bares full ticket

ARCHERY association head Jesus Clint Aranas bared to media on Saturday his ticket when he runs...

GAB reinstates Abueva’s license, but…

THE Games and Amusements Board (GAB) agreed on Friday morning to reinstate Calvin Abueva’s professional basketball...

I have not been out of my house for 141 days. And I am painfully counting each passing day. But with YouTube and my treadmill, I am constantly walking around the world. My choice.

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Back to zero? Pandemic tests efficacy of measures vs proliferation of plastics

ZERO is both the easiest and most difficult goal, especially in waste management; just ask Jovito L....
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Safety nets cushion pandemic fallout for poor Filipinos

FOR some, the number 13 is a most unlucky number. But when it comes to cash transfers, it seems 13 is a winner, especially for recipients. Thirteen years ago, then Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Felipe M. Medalla floated the idea of giving cash to both...

Will distance learning work? Parents, teachers not so sure, but hopeful

RESIDENTS of Barangay Buso-Buso in Laurel, Batangas, have more reason to be wary when school opens. The village was among the hardest hit when Taal Volcano erupted in January, and families were still scraping mud off their homes when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Confronted with two crises, teachers and parents in...

Cut consumption could ‘cancel’ Christmas

Instead of the usual fare of hamon, quezo de bola, salad, leche flan and other Christmas favorites, some Filipino families may likely swap these for roasted chicken, a simple noodle dish, rice and a no-frills dessert from more affordable ingredients.

Private sector’s journey amid pandemic marked by fortitude, innovations

AT the same time a small store’s window is flung open in Muntinlupa, a woman crosses a narrow overpass in the eastern part of the metropolis; a bicycle in tow. It’s another day of trudging on against the unknown but with a simple plan: both for Loida, the sari-sari...
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Safety nets cushion pandemic fallout for poor Filipinos

FOR some, the number 13 is a most unlucky number. But when...

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