WATCH | Winrich Adarlo sings about the essence of time in ‘Oras’

Winrich Adarlo is a pop-folk singer-songwriter from Romblon, Philippines. He started his professional career last year when he wrote and released his first two singles, “10.26” and “You”

Winrich’s considers his family as his inspiration. “I’ve always wanted to make a song that I can sing to them.” To date, he has released five singles which based on both his personal circumstances and that of the people around him.

For SoundStrip Live & in Quarantine, Winrich is performing his third single, “Oras.” The song is also his first Tagalog released track.

“The song tells the story of a man who has limited time with his loved one. This also applies to a different person’s perspective like a mother loving his child, siblings missing each other, a special someone and/or someone who passed away. This song is a hopeful song that shows that people who don’t get to see loved ones that often really care,” Winrich further explains.

The singer-songwriter says that his song has now surpassed the 50k streams mark on Spotify and he’s hopeful that it will soon reach 100k streams.

As for his immediate future plans, Winrich has an upcoming single to be released around the last quarter of the year. The song is called “Reflection” and is dedicated to his father. “The song is talking about the things that we should have done and should be doing by way of metaphors with a melodic rap approach,” he elaborates.


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