Ghost Month Celebration with Adam Sy

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Infection rates soar in college towns as students return

College towns across the US have emerged as coronavirus hot spots in recent weeks as schools struggle to contain the virus. In many cases, surges have been blamed on off-campus parties. The University of Missouri announced this week that it expelled two students and suspended three others for violating rules meant to slow the virus’s spread.

Basura Bangka to transport plastic waste from coastal & island communities launched

Food and beverage manufacturer Nestlé Philippines and the marine conservation social enterprise Pure Oceans have entered into a partnership to design, procure and operate a prototype boat called Basura Bangka to transport plastic waste from coastal and island communities in Batangas to recycling facilities.

Macalintal to IATF: 10% limit on churches and 30% on casinos defies logic, hikes Covid risks

SEARCHING in vain for the "rhyme or reason" in government's order limiting to only 10 percent...

August 19 starts the celebration of the Ghost Month, culminating on the Ghost Festival on September 2. BusinessMirror talked to businessman Adam Sy to gain insights on this important event for the Filipino-Chinese community.

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Recovery requires resolve, rapid release of resources–economists

MOTHER Nature—if President Trump’s “kung-fu” virus allegation is disbelieved—could be a bitch, sometimes. She made that point in 2020. The year had a lot of “should haves” and “could haves,” according to Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick T. Chua.

Debt burden: How long can the PHL carry that weight?

By Bernadette D. Nicolas and Tyrone Jasper C. Piad FIVE decades since the The Beatles advised people “to carry that weight” in 1969, the Philippines’s debt burden stood at P7.73 trillion ($159.34 billion) as of end-2019. The dollar amount was equivalent to the budget deficit...

Work from home: Legislative foresight helps keep economy running amid pandemic

Overnight, what many businesses had taken too long to acknowledge reluctantly complying with the law’s mandate for each workplace to have its own internal implementing mechanism for telecommuting suddenly became a necessity, not an option. Indeed, it became a matter of survival for millions of workers faced with the chilling reality that the colleagues and friends and clients they mingle with each day could in fact be asymptomatic carriers or “super spreaders” of Covid-19. Or, vice versa, they could be threats to them as well.
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