WATCH | Monster Turned Machine rocks the quarantine with ‘Don’t Tell Lies’

As part of BusinessMirror’s campaign to promote everyone’s safety and well-being during the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have invited established and independent artists to perform at least one song in their own homes while urging everyone to stay indoors.

Monster Turned Machine was formed during the summer of 2017 in Fullerton, California by good friends Mike Frias and Tim De Ramos. Both came from successful groups respectively and decided to merge into the LA local music scene together.     

When he was still in the Philippines, Mike was the lead vocalist and songwriter of the band, Poetic Sparks who had released three albums. When he migrated to the US, he formed two new bands: Ten to Midnight and Fuss which slowly gained a stable following. 

Monster Turned Machine

Tim De Ramos was the drummer of several bands in the Philippines including the Chilitees and If Disco is a Crime. He was also a session drummer for Cambio, Sugarfree, and Imago. Now based in LA, Tim plays drums and composes songs for Glenn Jacinto and also tours with Bamboo as a drummer for his US shows. 

Tim is also the vocalist of the band, Carpools here in LA and released an EP that gained followers as well. An experienced sound engineer, Tim became part of the Good and Professional Producers that helped several bands to record and have their own albums.

As Monster Turned Machine or simply MTM, the duo has been doing tons of “QuaranTim Sessions,” as they call it, and have been uploading their own brand of high octane powerpop on social media platforms like Tim’s own YouTube Channel.

For SoundStrip Live & in Quarantine, MTM is performing their very first single, “Don’t Tell Lies,” now available on all digital and streaming platforms.


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