UV system disinfection technology to keep customers safe from Covid-19

As the country continues to ease community quarantine measures, some businesses have started to open in Metro Manila and other areas in the country.

Establishments, likewise, were asked to implement the minimum health standards in their premises.

With the community prioritizing health more than ever, businesses look to find ways to keep their customers safe from exposure to Covid-19, and other viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

Geogreen continues to champion this shift keeping in mind its advocacy of sustainable and eco-friendly living by bringing to the Philippines, Fresh-Aire UV systems, a revolutionary air disinfection technology made especially for commercial spaces.

Designed to keep the air clean and free from pathogens, Fresh Aire UV systems are an indispensable tool for businesses transitioning into the post-lockdown world.

Regardless of size and location, commercial and industrial establishments such as stores, hospitals, schools, showrooms, offices, warehouses, and the like, all need to ensure that their premises are safe and clean, including the air indoors.

Since the coronavirus can thrive in crowded spaces and easily contaminated surfaces, it is necessary to keep areas well-ventilated with clean air as an added measure to reinforce proper disinfection practices. Fresh-Aire UV systems do this effectively through a technology called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

“In light of the pandemic, we see that there is a need for reliable disinfection systems more than ever, Philippine Geogreen introduces Fresh-Aire UV to the Philippines to ensure that the community has a safe, eco-friendly way of dealing with the threat of airborne pathogens. This is part of Philippine Geogreen’s continuing commitment to bring relevant, effective, and sustainable green solutions that meet the evolving needs of Filipino consumers,” said Liza Morales, CEO of Philippine Geogreen.

Fresh-Aire UV systems are an easy retrofit solution as they are compatible with most business’ existing HVAC or aircon.

Designed to disinfect even the biggest spaces, Fresh-Aire UV is installed in the HVAC unit and ductwork to ensure clean air circulates through the ventilation system. UV-C light, the frequency used in germicidal UV lights, kills germs by disrupting their DNA which prevents them from reproducing, effectively killing them.

In many studies, ozone, an alternative air-purifying treatment, is harmful and may cause health problems when inhaled.

Fresh-Aire UV systems use zero percent ozone on all their products and are tested and validated against bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus, and can achieve up to an optimal reduction in microorganisms.

UV systems have also been shown to reduce molds and pathogens that are found within the HVAC system and drain pans that would otherwise be introduced and distributed throughout the envelope of the building. Fresh-Aire UV technology prevents mold from growing in ventilation coils reducing the need for costly maintenance.

Beyond improving indoor air quality and reducing biological contaminants and toxins, Fresh-Aire UV systems result in up to 30 percent more energy efficiency, making it a truly sustainable choice.

More important, Fresh-Aire UV, the company behind the system, has designed its products so that these do not harm the ozone layer, and ensure that these are environment-friendly.

As the world moves to the new normal, Philippine Geogreen assured that it stands ever ready to assist them to achieve a safe, sustainable lifestyle with innovative and cutting-edge products that would enhance their lives.

Fresh-Aire UV is made available in the Philippines by Philippine Geogreen. For more information, check out ​www.philgeogreen.com​.


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