ABS-CBN to lawmakers: We fully complied with labor standards

In this May 5, 2020, file photo, an activist holds a slogan outside the headquarters of broadcast network ABS-CBN Corp. in Quezon City.

THE ABS-CBN Corp. on Tuesday maintained that the TV network is fully compliant with general labor standards, occupational health and safety standards, and security of tenure.

During the continuation of the hearing on ABS-CBN’s franchise, the company’s head of transformation Mark Nepomuceno told lawmakers that the ABS-CBN’s full compliance is the result of the company’s efforts to act in accordance with what it believes is right under the law.

According to Nepomuceno, the ABS-CBN group has a total of 11,071 workers, with 5,918 hired by ABS-CBN Corporation.

He added that based on BIR reports 1604CF and 1604E, the group had paid over 20,000 workers and suppliers in 2019, the estimated number of jobs it generates yearly.

He also explained that the ABS-CBN group is composed of 17 companies, including ABS-CBN Corporation which provides backing to its subsidiaries, and non-renewal of its broadcasting franchise will diminish its capacity to give support.

In the same hearing, Labor Undersecretary Ana Dione said ABS-CBN was fully compliant with the directives of the Department of Labor and Employement pertaining to labor and occupational health and safety standards after the agency conducted a routine inspection on the network’s premises in July to September 2018.

As a matter of procedure, Dione said there was a series of mandatory conferences conducted so the parties can show proof of compliance or submit employment records to disprove noted violations and findings during the inspection.

“ABS-CBN has fully complied with all the findings and violations that have been found out during the inspection,” she said.

In the same hearing, Baguio Rep. Mark Go asked the House to protect the jobs of more than 11,000 workers in ABS-CBN and its affiliate companies.

“We’re helping all companies. We do not know what to do in Congress to create a package to stimulate the economy,” Go said.

“Let’s protect the jobs. This is not only for ABS-CBN. This is for the entire country. We want to help this country, let’s help ABS-CBN keep its franchise,” Go said.

The lawmaker also said “if there are problems that we saw [on the granting of ABS-CBN franchise], let’s correct them.”  

Image credits: AP/Aaron Favila


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