GOLDEN VOICE FROM CAVITE | Myko Mañago drops new single

Myko Mañago

Tawag Ng Tanghalan winner and online sensation Myko Mañago came out with a new digital single, “Tulad Niya,” just days ago, providing music fans affected by the current pandemic a new song that thugs at the heart and captures the mood of the classic ballad. The song was specially written for him by songwriter Kiko Salazar whom he had worked with a number of times in the past. 

Good thing they were able to finish recording the song before community quarantine was implemented. Therefore, it was done the way digital records are carefully treated while the sessions marked by in-studio collaboration difficult to achieve in a world of social distancing and viral risk.  

The heartbreaking ballad, which tackles the heart’s exploration on the subject of moving on, is now released in digital stores and bound to be a hit among listeners relatively still locked in homes. 

Myko expressed, “It’s my dream to collaborate with my vocal teacher. Kaya nung narinig ko ang song na ito, I really felt excited because it’s from him and I am sure maraming makakarelate sa kantang ito.” 

The three-time champion from It’s Showtime’s Tawag Ng Tanghalan is also a viral hit among netizens with his steady covers of hit songs. He is now busy doing vlogs and keeping his craft intact amidst the lockdown. He previously released “Stuck” and “Mahal Kita (Kahit Mahal Mo Siya),” which he recently performed for SoundStrip Live & in Quarantine.

Kiko, a decorated tunesmith, likewise felt privileged for the opportunity to work with his former demo singer who delivered the goods well for him. He expressed, “Myko is vocally gifted… range, control, emotions and tone. We have developed an easy working language in the studio so working with him is always a breeze. We just talked about where I’m coming for this one and he easily translated it musically. I enjoyed the whole studio time with him.”

Myko Mañago with ‘Tulad Niya’ songwriter Kiko Salazar

He added that Myko’s voice fits the ballads sung by the likes of Rick Price, Phil Collins, and Richard Marx. That they captured the 80s retro vibe in “Tulad Niya” recording gave extra good flavor to the collaboration.  

Myko, admittedly a homebody but who had regularly fronted for bands prior to the New Normal, hopes to soothe hearts with his newest offering. He noted his concern for live band musicians who lost regular earnings as well as other people from various fields challenged by the current situation. He related, “As much as possible, hindi tayo dapat mawalan ng pag-asa kasi lilipas din ang problemang ito. You just have to surround yourself with the right people.” 

The golden voice from Cavite is fortunate to have the support of talent development company RJA Productions established by US-based Filipina Rosabella Jao-Arribas who consistently fires-up his artistic spirit. 

On the other hand, the accomplished songwriter behind the instant classic “Akin Ka Na Lang” (sung by Morisette Amon) has given Myko his high appraisal, saying, “I knew he’s more than ready to have more singles of his own. It’s time for everyone to hear that beautiful voice.”


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