Coca-Cola provides water access for low-income families affected by pandemic

In the middle of persistent public service advisories to remain hydrated and keep washing hands, there are sectors still facing the challenge of access to clean water, complicated further by the pandemic.

Coca-Cola Philippines, in keeping with its mission of helping communities gain access to clean water, most especially at a time such as the pandemic, partnered with local NGO Water and Life Philippines to take part in their Water Relief Fund, aimed at providing access to potable water to families in need.

Preserving communities’ human rights to potable water access

Coca-Cola through The Water Relief Fund has so far provided potable water access, good for two months, to over 2,000 families with each family receiving a 7-cubic meter water subsidy per month.

The joint undertaking ensures water security and the promotion of personal hygiene and sanitation practices such as frequent handwashing, which are crucial to the times. Similarly, this has provided families with much-needed support during the lockdown when work and sources of livelihood are unavailable, on top of more water programs underway that will help improve their daily lives.

“We are pleased to work with organizations like Water and Life Philippines who pursue meaningful endeavors that are parallel to what we do at Coca-Cola,” said Coca-Cola Philippines President and General Manager Winn Everhart. He added that “Water has always been an essential resource for us, as evident in the nature of our business and in our interactions with the communities we serve. Experience has showed us that addressing the critical water needs of communities has truly manifold benefits — socially, in health, and even financially as we help ease the burden of families with their water bills—which is why we will continue to support programs such as the Water Relief Fund.”

This participation in water relief efforts follows the reallocation of the earlier announced P150 million advertising budget of The Company towards COVID-19-related mobilizations.

Upon the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Coca-Cola Philippines immediately forged partnerships with like-minded organizations for various relief efforts. Combined, these partnerships have so far yielded PPEs for more than 50,000 medical workers, food packs for over 39,000 vulnerable families, and 500,000 liters of beverages distributed to 125 hospitals, 99 local government units, 53 national government agencies, and 50 non-government organizations and foundations.

In observance of the value of water

With water being at the heart of their business operations, Coca-Cola plays an active role in water sustainability efforts, evident in its years-long Agos Program. The Company knows fully well the value of water as a resource, and its partnership with Water and Life Philippines also comes at an opportune time as the Company show of support for World Oceans Day, a global collaborative conservation effort that provides resources for all to take action in restoring and protecting the ocean.

Coca-Cola Philippines firmly advocates for the right of access to water, as well as programs that aim to preserve the world, and humanity’s priceless life resource. To learn more about Coca-Cola Philippines water-related efforts, visit facebook.com/CocaColaPhilippines.


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