POLL | What will people look for in 2022 presidential race?

SO, you want to be the next President? Take notes. 

In an online Statistically Speaking survey, nearly half or 43.8 percent of the 825 respondents said they would be looking at the performance, qualifications and leadership qualities as the main deciding factor in their vote.

The results of the survey, conducted by former National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) Secretary General Romulo Virola between May 22 and June 5, 2020, showed platform of governance is no longer enough to win the approval of voters.

“(The data showed) 43.8 percent of respondents think most of the voters will decide on the basis of performance, etc. Initially, I didn’t expect it to be that high, but realizing the profile of my Facebook friends and their friends, I was no longer surprised,” Virola told BusinessMirror on Sunday. 

Virola said the respondents were asked the question “In the 2022 presidential elections, what do you think will be the main deciding factor for most Filipino voters when they cast their vote?”

Under performance, qualifications, and leadership qualities, Filipinos want a “strong decisive leader, people-cantered, strong charisma;” a President who has strong leadership qualities that include honesty, integrity, and fiscally conservative;” and “with political will.”

Apart from performance, the survey results showed that 25.1 percent of these respondents will be looking at other factors. These other factors include “how well informed are the voters, how they appreciate the genuine credentials of the candidates, and how far they are swayed by herd mentality and/or influenced by fake news/information.”

Other factors include “how much people will remember and who the voting majority will be” and the “hope (that) Filipino voters will be more discerning on how they will vote for.” 

Platform of governance only came in third, with 18.2 percent saying this will be a factor in the 2022 presidential race. Virola said the platforms include “uphold(ing) the sovereignty of the land; protect, conserve and harness resources and instil ‘positive’ cultural values.”

The list also includes: “A president who has the knowledge and will to prepare for future pandemics and climate change. 2020 is (a) defining year not only for Filipinos but the entire world;” “One who can exercise fair implementation of law and justice;” and “Integrity, love for the country/people, (and) honesty.”

Virola said: “The highest percentages who think Performance/Qualifications/Leadership qualities will be the main deciding factor come from respondents from Mindanao (63.6 percent) and those with masteral/doctoral degrees (47.9 percent).”

He added: “The lowest percentages of respondents who think Performance/Qualifications/Leadership qualities will be the main deciding factor come from Other religions (28.9 percent) and those residing Outside the Philippines (32.1 percent).”

Further, Virola said in terms of platform of governance, the highest percentage who said it will be the main deciding factor for voting for a presidential candidate are those who are not 4-year college degree holders at 28.9 percent; and those who have a monthly income of up to P20,000 a month at 24.1 percent. 

Platform of governance is the least important for those residing outside the Philippines at 12.8 percent and those with monthly income of over P50,000 up to P100,000 at 13.1 percent. 

‘Playground of billionaires’

Virola said the inspiration to conduct the survey came from the pronouncement of

Gabriela Representative Arlene Brosas who said the 2022 polls will remain a “playground of billionaires” and that the “electoral system would continue to favor only the moneyed elite.”

Based on the survey, Virola said only 1.6 percent of respondents said the “amount of money paid for the vote” will be the main deciding factor for who will become President in 2022.

The highest percentages came from those born between 1940 and 1960 at 4.8 percent; respondents from Visayas at 3.7 percent; and those with monthly income of over P100,000 at 3 percent. 

“Less than 5 percent in each group thinks the amount of money paid for the vote will be the main deciding factor,” Virola said. 

Virola stressed that since the survey is privately initiated, it did not pass through the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), one of the mechanisms for statistical coordination. 

Under the SSRCS, surveys conducted by or for the government pass a review to ensure adherence to internationally recognised statistical standards and methodologies and to avoid duplication of efforts by other agencies.



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