Senior citizens assured of assistance amid pandemic woes

Despite the implementation of the general community measures, one of the sectors of the society that seem to be very affected is the elderly since most of them cannot still go out to work or even have a morning walk in their community.

And since relief operations also concluded as soon as the GCQ was executed, senior citizens expressed worries and fears since many of them are still working for a living or some of them just rely on the help of family members.

To immediately address the concerns of the senior citizens of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro, Mayor Elgin Malaluan over the weekend said his municipality assured that their elderly will have enough food, vitamins to strengthen their immune system, some organic milk and some monetary assistance to help them cope with the challenges of Covid-19. During the last wave or relief operations, Malaluan provided 50 kilos of rice, vitamin C and organic milk for their senior citizens.

“They are the most fragile members of our communities and we want to honor them with all the help we could give them,” Malaluan stressed.

Meanwhile, Malaluan also announced its support to the Balik Probinsya Program of the government. To guarantee the success of the BPP, Malaluan said that his municipality is now laying all the plans to ensure that the program will be effective and will give the returning locals a good livelihood.

He added that Bongabong is rich in natural resources that can be used to produce handicrafts and other food products, which can be marketed within and outside the province. One of the programs they are looking at right now is the production of eco-friendly goods derived from coconuts, bamboos, and other plants.

“Coconut is one of our major products here in Bongabong and with the assistance of the DOST, we are looking at the business of coco water since a lot of people nowadays are health conscious. Providing the BPP applicants with decent jobs is our priority. And with our plans, it will surely happen,” Malaluan said.

The mayor, however, stressed, “We welcome those who will avail of the BPP but we have set some guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus, we want to protect both the residents and the balik probinsya beneficiaries,” Malaluan added.

Meanwhile, Malaluan reported that to date, the municipality of Bongabong has already dispensed more or less P90 million for the relief operations, which benefited at least 21,000 households. Each family for the four  food supplies distribution received at least 75 kilos of rice, vitamins, milk, canned good, dried fish, etc.

Aside from the funds coming from the local government, Malaluan said they also received cash donations from private individuals, which totaled to P2.6 million, wherein more than P600,000 came from Malaluan’s personal donation. At least 350 cavans of rice were also donated to the municipality of Bongabong. Just last week, he once again donated almost a million pesos to help the 35 barangays in their efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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