Appreciating the small things

I THOUGHT I lived a boring life prior to the community lockdown.  I worked, I played and I fixated on a lot of hot guys.  That seemed to be my life.

My schedule was far from insane, but I would often complain how complicated it was.  I would lament about the traffic, being overworked, mindless meetings, useless chores, proclaiming with ex-cathedra how I think this was such a boring life…far from the one I used to fantasize about where I was a supermodel traveling all over the world and just pouting to earn my coins.

Now, with no-thanks to this community quarantine, I now really live a boring life.  These days, a typical day would be waking up, eating breakfast, with everything now tasting better because I know God has given me and my family this blessing of having food on the table. I would then proceed to do my work-from-home duties, have lunch, and work from home again.

By early evening, I would be by the window naming the tall trees outside our house. I would talk to them and laugh with them like a small girl. Then I would pray, talk to myself, read, watch TV and pray again to thank God for keeping me and my family safe. The days seem long but I know I have to stay home because here, I am safe. It is also one way to help not spread the coronavirus.  I really can’t wait for the country to flatten the curve, so to speak, so our lives would get back to normal again. Well, not exactly back to normal, as this experience has opened my mind and I would like to take whatever positive lessons I get from this to the next chapter of my life, such as appreciating the small things, helping people in need the best way I can and more.


AS people go through this challenging time brought about by a global health pandemic, up-and-coming star Vance Larena reminds people to have faith even when feeling lost through his debut song under Star Pop, titled “Tama.”

“My first single is finally here! What used to be just a dream is now real,” shared Vance. “This song is for every Filipino. My little share in the midst of what we’re all currently going through. Hope you’ll love it!” he added.

The melancholic track, written and arranged by David Dimaguila and produced by Star Pop head Rox Santos, explores the value of trust, especially in the face of accusations of infidelity in romantic relationships.

The underlying message of the song, though, is how a committed person should choose to have faith in his partner despite doubts, and to always believe in God’s plan rather than his own.

Even though “Tama” is the first official record under his name, Vance is no stranger to music, having starred on the musical film Bakwit Boys and playing the lead role in the musical theater adaptation of Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere, dubbed Kanser, both in 2018.

He also played a lead role in several original Filipino musicals from the Philippine Stagers Foundation, including San Vicente, Enzo Santo, Troy Avenue, Ako Si Ninoy and Katips, as well as the role of Zelim in Dulaang UP’s Orosman at Zafira.

Vance also garnered praise for his impressive performance in the critically acclaimed Netflix original Filipino film Dead Kids last year, and can also be seen on two of iWant’s original offerings, Story of My Life and Hush.

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