Mark of zero gives Arthaland a global mileage in green building development

The mark of zero put Arthaland Century Pacific Tower (ACPT) as the first building development in the world to be granted EDGE Zero Carbon certification.

By adding EDGE for Arthaland Century Pacific Tower, it places not only the company but also the country in the global stage. We are taking the initiative to address climate change. You don’t need to be the biggest developer and come from a developed country to take the cause. Someone has to contribute to address the issue,” Jaime C. González, vice chairman and president of Arthaland said in a recent press briefing held at the Bonifacio Global City. With the recognition tucked under its belt, ACPT is projected to achieve 45 percent in energy savings, 64 percent in water savings and 34 percent in embodied energy in materials.

Moreover, It is the only triple-certified project in the Philippines to have received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,(LEED)  Platinum rating and the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) five-star certification in addition to the EDGE Zero Carbon certification, all of which are the highest and most prestigious categories in green building rating standards.

EDGE, which stands for Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies is the green building certification system of the International Finance Corp., a membered of the World Bank Group. IFC is the largest global development finance institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets.

Crown Terrace of Arthaland Century Pacific Tower (ACPT) and Business Center of ACPT

According to IFC, “a project that reaches the EDGE standard of 20 percent less energy use, 20 percent less water use, and 20 percent less embodied energy in materials compared to a base case building can be independently certified with EDGE. EDGE is part of a holistic strategy to steer construction in rapidly urbanizing economies into a low-carbon path. It’s an example of IFC’s commitment to creating markets that are competitive, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.” The EDGE Zero Carbon award recognizes a building that is highly energy efficient (at least 40 percent energy savings compared to a base case building)and fully powered from on-site and/or off-site renewable-energy sources. ACPT, the multi-awarded corporate office building, uses 100 percent hydroelectric energy supplied by Kirsten’s Pantabangan Masiway Hydroelectric Plant in Nueva Ecija.

By having an EDGE certification, Arthaland Executive Vice President Leonardo Po said ACPT would be using renewable energy instead of the carbon emitting coal-based energy sources. First Gen, the largest source of clean energy in the Philippines will provide the energy requirements of the building. Furthermore, First Gen is also the only power-generating company of its size that does not have coal power in its portfolio. ACPT’s use of higher thermal performance glass, reflective paint on the roof, efficient lighting fixtures with occupancy and daylight sensors, an energy recovery ventilation system and a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Cooling System contribute to huge energy savings for building users. “The EDGE certification will help us achieve a triple bottom line,” he explained.

Po noted the company also purposely selected construction materials that have less embodied energy such as aluminum window frames, in-situ reinforced concrete slabs forth roof and floor slabs, medium weight hollow concrete blocks for the internal walls, curtain walling for the external walls, and stone tiles and finished concrete floor for the flooring. He added Arthaland also put water saving measures including the installation of water-efficient water closets, faucets and urinals. ACPT has also a gray water recycling system for the collection, treatment and reuse of water for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Other systems include a condensate water recovery system and rainwater harvesting system. “We are honored to receive this award as it shines a light on our other office projects, Cebu Exchange and Savya Financial Center that are currently under construction. These office projects will adhere to the same sustainable standards and once completed will apply for EDGE certification,” said González.

“By achieving EDGE Zero Carbon certification, we have once again raised green building development standards in the country and have kept true to our unwavering commitment of building boutique, sustainable and exceptional developments.” “This distinction is an exceptional achievement for Arthaland Corp. as it continues to sheathe way in developing a sustainable and green model for future office developments in the country and globally,” said Yuan Xu, IFC country manager for the Philippines. “IFC remains committed to supporting developers like Arthaland to help transform the way buildings are built in the Philippines through EDGE.”

Po said putting up green buildings not only allows Arthaland to protect and preserve the environment but offers its tenants substantial savings from lower utility bills and enhanced working conditions. González added the benefit of going green will also be experienced by future tenants of Arthaland’s Savya Financial Center and Cebu Exchange.


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