Editorial Cartoon July 04, 2019

Image credits: Jimbo Albano


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The death of the comentarista

Column box-Tito Genova Valiente-Annotations

They were hard-hitting, their witty remarks laced with diatribe. They were irreverent, impolite, and brave. No one was spared: not the president of the land, not the pompous senators and congressmen, certainly not the mayors. The military was not within their radar because these individuals were dominating the radio airlanes in the ’50s and ’60s and, in those years, the Filipino soldier was not yet politicized. The Philippine Constabulary or PC was almost nondescript, with the Huk rebellion circumscribed within the geographies of Central Luzon.

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SSS will not retire at 65

The Social Security System (SSS) observed its 65th birthday on September 30, 2022. No less than President Bongbong Marcos was the guest of honor to lead the commemoration of the anniversary of the implementation on September 1, 1957 of the Social Security Act of 1954 (Republic Act 1161). The law was enacted in 1954 during the term of President Ramon F. Magsaysay but became operational only three years later when President Carlos P. Garcia assumed office after the objections coming from certain business sectors and labor groups were resolved.