Brace yourselves as Anthem for Maria’s new album is out


POP-PUNK band Anthem for Maria is set to launch its second album “Brace Yourself” this coming April 13 at Tomato Kick in Timog, Quezon City.

Brace Yourself follows the 2017 debut “Sweet Tears on Reckless Years,” and features 10 songs of polished and catchy hooks. There, you will find traces of their influences such as Fall Out Boy, Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, Kamikazee and Chicosci.

But the Dasmariñas, Cavite-based band (composed of vocalist Charles Vincent Vera, guitarists JV Lucero and Jake Palmaso, bassist Paul Michael Barcelona and drummer Mark Denzel Lucero) has put their own stamp on the genre with a mix of their love for all things pop.

According to Lucero, the band derived its name from two things: first and foremost, their being fans of Japanese actress Maria Ozawa; and second, their desire to write songs about women and the affairs of the heart.

Lucero clarified, “We are all for respect for women.”

In fact, the cover for Brace Yourself shows five dogs (that represent each member of the group) surrounding a curvaceous woman. It both means protection for their female idol, and the band’s affections for their respective crushes.

“Music is a way into one’s heart,” Lucero pointed out.

Their songs are aimed at the teen and young-adult set, with accompanying anime/manga style art.

We aren’t just referring to the album-cover art, because this also translates to their merchandise, videos (see their latest for Lucia) and songs on Spotify. Each and every track comes with its corresponding artwork.

The band’s set of merchandise (from Carnivore Clothing) is just as fetching.

While the female of the species isn’t too far from their minds, the Anthem for Maria members are all self-professed geeks. Everyone is into anime, manga, American comics, music and video games.

“Through art, we [would like] to add something more to the song. We also want others who aren’t fans of our band, or even pop punk, to check us out because they might be fans of [the stuff we also enjoy],” added Lucero.

In their own words, the band just wants to make its music more enjoyable to the senses.

Catch them at Tomato Kick for their album launch.

Image Credits: Anthem for Maria's Facebook Page