Homegrown retail chain spreads eagle’s wings further


When news of NCCC Malls of the Lim family taking over the iconic and first sprawling mall in Davao City this week, the buzz is quickly triggered all over the city as the social media pick up the breaking news.

For it is a homegrown shopping mall taking over another homegrown shopping mall, one a pioneering retail trade player, the other, historic and iconic.

“It was a privilege for a homegrown company like ours to have the opportunity to develop this property that is very much a part of Davao’s culture,” said NCCC Chairman, Helen A. Lim.

“We will strive to preserve this history while rewriting it to respond to the future. We are happy that Davao’s first shopping destination will now be developed by local like us. We are looking forward to soar higher as this acquisition will play a big role in the execution of our business strategy.  ” said Sharlene Faye A. Lim, president of the NCCC Malls.

With the spacious Victoria Plaza under its wings, the northern section of the city could be amply served by the NCCC’s brand of affordable and quality merchandise, from food to apparel, and from appliances to entertainment.

In the south, where lives more than 1.7 million residents of this city, NCCC Mall Maa will be rebuilt.  The iconic mall to rise up from the ashes is inspired by the Philippine eagle endemic in the Davao region, and designed to pay homage to its regal flight in the sky.

“It takes a native of the city to appreciate and pay tribute to the symbol of the city, and of the whole country.  The new mall in Maa is a tribute to our own eagle,” said Sharlene Lim, President for NCCC Malls.

“It’s gratifying warmth that people are waiting for us at that section of the city,” she said. “Indeed, we all feel the loss of the mall. But we will  back soon.It’s like to be a migrant worker, where families and relatives are waiting for their return. ” she said.

The mall is definitely to be constructed soon has a 36-month construction target, with the corresponding environmental and green technology as befit of its eagle-designed building. The entire corner lot property will feature also a condominium complex at the back, to be built by partner developer, DMCI Homes, Inc.

NCCC’s latest mall in Buhangin is already featuring this green technology with its spacious atrium and full natural sun illumination of the interior from atop its fourth floor.

Tap N Play Arcade in the Entertainment area of the NCCC Mall Buhangin, also features the game card.  It uses a game card system that will no longer need paper for tickets. All your rewards and game progress will be stored in your card.

The city, including the southern suburbs, is dotted with supermarkets and community stores called Choice Mart, not only to fill the void, but to bring service nearer them. Its other malls are located in Buhangin, Uyanguren (the pioneering branch), Matina Crossing (NCCC Centerpoint), Panacan, Tagum in Davao del Norte, in Lupon in Compostela Valley, and in Palawan.