Online platform bridges franchising gap for aspiring overseas-based entrepreneurs

Easy Franchise Cofounders Rene Ledesma Jr., Jose Magsaysay Jr. and Anton Ojeda pose for a snapshot for posterity.

Easy Franchise, an online platform that offers a consolidated list of franchises, wants to assist overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and migrant Filipinos make an intelligent choice on where and what investments they could venture into while keeping their jobs abroad all along.

Rene Ledesma Jr, cofounder of Easy Franchise, said the online platform will guide OFWs on the rudiments of franchising by addressing the gaps. “It will find all franchisors and knowing the franchisors for the future franchisees. It will lessen the friction cost for the franchisors and future franchisees,” Ledesma pointed out.

Jose Magsaysay Jr., a cofounder of Easy Franchise, said technology also enables businesses to broaden their businesses and gives an opportunity to the prospective entrepreneurs to link up with the master franchisor.

“There is also a huge opportunity for technology to be used to grow the franchise industry. Several other sectors such as transport and energy have seen huge growth and development…. Through Easy Franchise, we hope to support the whole industry in reaching its goal of moving past the P1.3-trillion mark in 2020,” said Magsaysay, also the chief executive officer of Potato Corner, said. Isabel Lim, Easy Franchise general manager said the platform would allow the two parties to meet and match their needs.

“Our goal is to connect our franchise investors and buyers to the franchise system that would best suit their needs. We have partnered with a wide array of reputable franchise brands that will cater to the taste of each franchise buyer,” Lim said.

“We are mindful of the simple yet cumbersome tasks that are related to owning a business through franchising, and that is why we have created features in the Easy Franchise platform to make it easier for our franchise investors, and ensure that their focus is on business growth and not just [on] management,” Lim added.

With the introduction of Easy Franchise, people now have easier access to everything about franchising as long as they have a basic Internet connection.

“Technology really helps bridge gaps in different industries, and it is also applicable in the franchising industry. Through Easy Franchise, we are building a digital bridge to allow overseas Filipino workers and
Filipino migrants to participate in the franchising industry,” Ledesma said. He noted that Filipinos living abroad have more disposable income than those working in the Philippines. With the extra money that they have in their pockets, they can easily invest in a franchise system through Easy Franchise to add a new revenue stream. They can also use Easy Franchise’s digital dashboard to monitor their businesses remotely while maintaining their job abroad.

“Our aim is to help connect the world to the local franchising industry through our new breed of franchise investors, our overseas Filipinos. With the use of technology, we will be able to open up a new market to franchisors, while helping the industry to realize its dream of hitting the trillion-peso mark by 2020,” Magsaysay said.