Macalintal: Senior citizens’ benefits for families too

Election lawyer and senatorial candidate Romy Macalintal emphasized that senior citizens discounts are not only for the benefit of the elderly but they also provide big reprieve for family and breadwinners.

“Huwag niyong isipin na ang discounts ay para lang sa senior citizens. Ito’y para doon sa apo at anak na nag-aalaga sa senior citizens para may aasahan sila mula sa pamahalaan,” Macalintal said in a radio interview.

“Malaking bagay ito para sa mahihirap nating kababayan na nag-aalaga ng kanilang matatanda. Ang discount ay malaking tulong din para sa mga tagapag-alaga nila,” the election lawyer added.

He added that savings from senior citizens’ benefits could be used for household expenses, such as food, electricity, and rent.

Furthermore, if elected to the Senate, Macalintal said that he would work for the gradual increase of the 20-percent discount on medicines, medical services, and hospitalization based on the age of senior citizens.

“Pagdating natin ng 70 years old, gusto kong gawing 30 percent mula 20 percent. Pagdating ng 80, gawin mo nang 40 percent. Pagsapit ng 90 pataas, gawin na nating 50 percent iyan,” said Macalintal.

Also, Macalintal said he will push for the amendment of the Centenarian Law to enable senior citizens to enjoy its benefit at an earlier age.

“Hindi praktikal iyan dahil by the time we reach 100, hindi na naming me-enjoy iyan,” said Macalintal, who is also a senior citizen.

“Pagdating ng 80, bigyan mo ng P30,000, pagdating ng 90, bigyan mo uli ng panibagong P30,000. Pagdating ng 100, saka ibigay ang P40,000 para sa kabuuang P100,000,” Macalintal suggested.

When the senior citizen surpasses 100 years old, Macalintal proposes that the government should also give them P100,000 annually that will be divided into 12 months so they can sustain their needs and help their relatives at the same time.

When he filed his certificate of candidacy, Macalintal has committed to work for the welfare and fight for the rights of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Even before he threw his hat in the political arena, Macalintal is actively pushing for senior citizens’ 20-percent discount in restaurants and other establishments.

In the past, Macalintal has filed cases against several well-known establishments which are refusing to give the proper discounts to senior citizens.