Davos: Everyone must work harder to save the planet

LAST week, the United Nations warned the world that it is “losing the race” against climate change. Essentially, it means governments and businesses are not doing enough to save the world.

Chief of UN Antonio Guterres delivered a strong speech last week in front of business and political leaders who attended the World Economic Forum in Davos. He said that climate change “is the most important global systemic threat in relation to the global economy.” Specifically, he said that while the business community and civil society are increasingly engaged, “the political will is still very slow.” He was apparently referring to climate doubters US President Donald J. Trump, who earlier withdrew from the Paris climate accord, and Brazil’s new leader Jair Bolsonaro, who is now threatening to do the same.

John Kerry, former US secretary of state, signed the Paris accord in 2016. Today he is saying that despite Trump’s withdrawal, there are still 38 out of the 50 US states that are implementing their own climate policies.

Kerry warned that the world is heading toward a 4.0-degree-Centigrade temperature increase this century. Plus, there is the growing frequency of extreme weather events all over the globe. There is no doubt that governments, the private sector and the general public should all work together now to take on more measures to mitigate climate change and “adapt to it.”

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, there are still many entities and organizations that appear clueless and are going about their business like there is no global crisis. You see it everywhere, every single day.

If the government is not prioritizing this, I do believe we need to take it upon ourselves to educate others and change our own lifestyle to help the global cause. Every effort counts, let us not waste any more time because we are right in the heat of a climate emergency.


THE 2019 Philippine Racing Commission (Philracom) Awards was held recently at the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park in Carmona, Cavite. During the simple rites, honorees, led by the Philippine Racing Club Inc. and the Manila Jockey Club, were given recognition for their contributions to the horse-racing industry last year. MJC was awarded Racing Club of the Year, based on the total amount of horse prizes, while Philracom was given the same recognition based on total gross sales of the day.

The other awardees were: SC Stockfarm Inc.’s Oliver Velasquez (Philracom Stakes Races Horse Owner of the Year); the latter’s stable’s Sepfourteen (Top Earning Horse of the Year); Leonardo Javier Jr. (Horse Breeder of the Year); Narciso Morales (Top Earning Horse Owner of the Year); Ruben S. Tupas (Philracom Stakes Races Trainer of the Year and Top Earning Trainer of the Year); Smart Candy tied with Pride of Laguna (Philracom Stakes Races Horses of the Year); O’Neal Cortez (Top Earning Jockey of the Year); Jessie Guce (Stakes Races Jockey of the Year); and the 11th Manila Horse Power Organization Inc. Anniversary Racing Festival (Most Successful Racing Festival of the Year).

Congratulations to all the awardees!


Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II

Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II received his Law degree from Ateneo de Manila University in 1994. He is currently engaged in the General Practice of Law through the firm he established, Jose M. Rojas Law Office. Prior to getting his Law degree, Atty. Rojas graduated Cum Laude in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts. He used to chair the Philippine Racing Commission (Philracom) and, more recently, used to sit as Vice-Chairman and General Manager of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Atty. Rojas is an opinion columnist for the Business Mirror and Pilipino Mirror, and 2014 awardee of People Asia’s “Men Who Matter.” He is a member of the Saturday Group of artists and is married to Atty. Patricia A.O. Bunye.

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