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Throughout its 130 years of global existence, Avon has always been synonymous with female empowerment, entrepreneurship and optimism for women.

Throughout its 130 years of global existence, Avon has always been synonymous with female empowerment, entrepreneurship and optimism for women. In the Philippines, the international company has been uplifting women through innovations in beauty and business for 40 years now. This same energy extends to its style product segment called Avon Fashions.

Avon Fashions has been applauded for embracing its philosophy of “design with a purpose”, with its pieces that enable women to achieve more than just impeccable style.

Recently, its latest collection has been raved not only because it has remained true to its business and style philosophy, but also because it is a fashion collaboration with one of the brightest stars in the country—Angel Locsin.

The multi-talented actress launched three designs of bags in partnership with Avon. Dubbed as #DesignedByAnAngel, The Avon Fashions X Angel Locsin Bag Collection is indeed ethereal with the practical usability, light materials and chic aesthetic of every bag.

As the actress finished a short course in Fashion Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion in 2007, Angel expressed how she’s ecstatic to be able to use her knowledge in fashion again with her collaborative bag collection with Avon.

“I am happy that I was able to design again, and submit my sketches. It’s great that Avon specifically asked me to design bags that are very me, very Angel. The three bag designs are all really based on my personality, what I would really use everyday, and what would fit with my lifestyle,” the actress shared.

Having had to deal with spine problems previously, it was important for the star to use light materials for the bag collection.

“I can guarantee great quality of bags for women who have back problems, or worrying not to have back problems. We made sure the materials we used are very light. Especially since before, my doctor advised me to not use heavy bags anymore because they’re really bad for our posture,” she said.  Angel noted that there are bags in the market that are already really heavy even if you haven’t put anything inside them yet, and those are the kinds that she refrained from using. “There are bags that are light and that you can use everyday, just like what I designed with Avon.”

The actress highlighted that what she really wanted was to create light, easy-to-use, practical yet very stylish bags for women who lead such busy lifestyles.

“The bags we created are perfect for modern Filipinas like me, who are always on-the–go. We made sure the bags will look good on everyone- from busy women, to businesswomen, from mothers, to students. They are everyday bags that can be used both day and night. I made sure that they’re very practical to use.  You can put a lot of stuff inside because they’re very spacious, too. Each bag is very compact yet fashionable and will look good on every woman,” the actress beamed.

Angel described her work process with the women-empowering company.  “Avon sent me some sample raw materials that can be used, and then we sat down and discussed about the styles that are based on my personality and style preferences. We talked about every little detail of each bag– even the little buttons that I want to use. I am very grateful to Avon for letting me do this and for trusting me with this collection.“

The transition from being the company’s brand endorser to being its latest collaborator has been fulfilling for the actress.

“I’ve been with Avon for 14 years as their ambassador, and this is the first time they’ve ever approached me for this kind of collaboration. I sketched and pitched my designs to Avon, and with the help of their amazing design team, we were able to execute the Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin bag collection well. All materials have been tested to make sure they’re all of high quality, and we have international suppliers, too.”

Through the years, Angel Locsin has been an in icon for women– especially with the strong, brave female roles she’s chosen to play and been known for throughout her entire career. The Angel Locsin bag collection for Avon banked on the star’s persona, as each piece was designed with the strong, modern woman in mind. Each bag was created to help women organize in a stylish way. Hence, making it easier to be a go-getter in their everyday lives just like Angel. After all, it’s easier to make the most out of every opportunity when one is on top of everything.

The three designs of bags were inspired by three very distinct facets of Angel Locsin.

The Angel Locsin Everyday Bag is raved for its spacious, practical aesthetic and nude color that goes well with any outfit.

The Angel Locsin Everyday Bag transforms between a tote and a sling, in a classic brown color that can match perfectly with any outfit. It has an adjustable strap, and has been well-loved for its spacious room perfect to cover all of your stuff for the whole day. This classy yet edgy bag goes with two clear pouches, ideal to keep things even more organized. Catering to every female boss, this bag is inspired by the She-EO side of Angel, as she’s not new to meeting with various visionaries and business partners in a day. Just like any other woman, Angel loves that she does not have to change her bag for every single meeting with this design she’s created with Avon.

The Angel Locsin Backpack is perfect for women who take pride in their spontaneous yet stylish lives. It comes with a chic wallet, too.

The Angel Locsin Backpack has room for a variety of activities, and keeps her hands free while she’s at it. The drawstring closure adjusts to every situation, and the zipped pockets keep essentials within easy reach. It even comes with a matching wallet. If you’re game to experience something new, like exploring a new country, learning a new martial art, or taking part in various efforts for the community, this cute little backpack is sure to make you effortlessly fashionable, even with your spontaneous life that requires something that you can just grab at a moment’s notice. This style is inspired by the renaissance woman in Angel.

Look fiery and in-control with the Angel Locsin Sling Bag

The Angel Locsin Sling Bag exudes strong and fierce aesthetic with its bold red color and solid leather material. Small yet feisty, this bag holds all her essentials in a stylish little package. Its three compartments make it easy to organize. The chic red leatherette ensures that you’re looking hot and stylish, with whatever commitment  you have for the day. The bag is inspired by the screen icon side of Angel’s personality, as she’s used to performing at her best on whatever is expected from her by show business.

“I believe all women are bag ladies. We want to be able to carry around our stuff in a day without hassle, and in style. For now, we only have three designs, but we still have upcoming surprises for you,” the actress hinted. “I’ve always been on the lookout for organized, practical, stylish bags that are easy to use for my everyday life. Sometimes, I can’t always find exactly what I want, so I thought, why not design them instead? I’m glad I’ve had the chance to do just that with Avon.”

Agnieszka Isa, Avon Philippines’ Executive Director for Commercial Marketing, recalled their company’s past partnership with acclaimed fashion designer Rajo Laurel, who helped Avon create a collection of accessories that were both chic and practical. Isa expressed how they have been fulfilled to keep the tradition going this year with Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin bag collection.

“This year, we’re keeping the tradition with the help of an artist who also happens to be the perfect role model, and that’s Angel Locsin. In the many campaigns we have done, we’ve always made sure that our products not only respond to the practical needs of women, but also appeal to their stylish selves as well,” Agnieszka Isa concluded.

You wanna get your hands on these practical, stylish bags #DesignedByAnAngel? Visit www.avon.ph or like Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can get in touch with an Avon representative.


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