Come away to a deserted place and rest awhile

Today’s Gospel shares with us the great importance of rest—what it is and what it really is.

The disciples returned and gathered around Jesus to report about their preaching and teaching. As enthusiastic as they were in doing so, they were also weary and hungry from being surrounded by many people in their ministry.

Jesus told them: “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”

How timely are those words for us to hear today! As you hear them, seek to further understand the command to slow down, to rest.

Many of us can personally relate to how many times we have heard ourselves say the word “busy.”

I wish there was more remorse when we utter them but it seems that we like the pressure of hearing our phone’s ring, attending to matters left and right, or simply basking in our “busy-ness.”

Think about the times someone asked you how you’re doing. What is our frequent response? Well, you know the answer albeit refusing to say that you spent the day resting.

Our worth does not come from the hours we slave at work all week (including weekends). Being busy does not equate to being worthy in the eyes of the people around you.

More than anything else, that frantic pace you are used to is a sign of an imbalanced life. Can you truly say that your hectic schedule allows you to always deal with the things that matter the most?

Jesus invites us to come away with Him. It’s not just going away for a trip and still bringing along your precious gadgets.

Let’s accept His gentle command to come away so we may prevent the burnout we experience in our daily living.

Try to spend time alone, time away from social media and technology and choose to recharge your spirits with God. He wants us to rest for a while. Taking the needed rest allows us to take care of others.

So, slow it down and allow the Shepherd to take care of you.


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