‘Mission: PHL’ panel members, reps tackle awards details on first meeting

In Photo: Members of the panel take stock of the “Mission: PHL” mechanics.

PRIOR to its formal launch, project proponents of “Mission: PHL”—the BusinessMirror Envoys&Expats Awards—gathered the members of its distinguished panel to initially discuss and deliberate on the process of judging, as well as the specific merits of the recognition advocacy.

Present during the meet were Cristina Marie G. Aquino of the youth sector;  Assistant Secretary Eduardo J. Malaya of the Department of Foreign Affairs; Information Officers Ryan C. Calubad and Patricia M. Ching, who represented Officer in Charge Director Hazel Baliatan of the National Economic and Development Authority; coordinator Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III of the Action for Economic Reform from the side of the civil society; and former Executive Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce Henry Schumacher, who represented the private sector.

AER’s Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III points out a critical item for the mechanics.

For the inaugural assembly, BusinessMirror Publisher T. Anthony C. Cabangon hosted a sumptuous dinner at Passions inside Resorts World Manila, where the panel members had the opportunity to be acquainted with their colleagues for the first time.

Some light banter ensued where everyone shared their position on current trends: from matters affecting national issues to wide-encompassing technological developments that will dictate the future of the planet.

The author proceeded to present and explain to the new members the details of Mission: PHL, which also served as a refresher to those previously installed. Special Projects Director Psyche Roxas-Mendoza helped clarify items on the conduct of the awards.

Some important matters that were discussed covered areas on agreements for the previously set criteria within the government agencies’ technical working groups, especially on the areas of project sustainability; the Project of the Year nominations process; information campaign for Project of the Year; and agreements for the succeeding meetings.

Managing Editor Max V. de Leon leads the memoramdum of agreement signing among the new panel members, while their previously installed peers and other stakeholders look on.

BusinessMirror  Managing Editor Max V. de Leon led the formalization of the memorandum of agreement among the rest of the members. Other colleagues witnessed the signing and welcomed the new peers into their fold.

Dean Jikyeong Kang of the Asian Institute of Management, who will represent academe, and columnist John Mangun for the  BusinessMirror, will join the next sessions earmarked to happen some time in April.

Image credits: Alysa Salen


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