Shutdowns, limited power generation cause Luzon grid to be on yellow alert

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THE Luzon grid was placed on yellow alert, the first for the year, mainly due to a number of power plants that went offline.

“The Luzon grid is on yellow alert due to the unexpected shutdown and limited generation of some power plants,” National Grid Corp. of the Philippines said. It issued the yellow alert from 11 a.m. to 12 noon and 2 to 4 p.m.

A yellow alert means there are not enough reserves to cover the largest-running generating unit at the time, but does not necessarily lead to power outages.

Data provided by the Department of Energy showed the following units placed on scheduled outage:

  • Angat Unit 3 (50 megawatt); will be offline until June 29;
  • Calaca Unit 2 (300 MW), on maintenance until March 15;
  • Masinloc Unit 2 (315 MW);  out until March 2;
  • Quezon Power (459 MW), offline until March 12; and
  • GN Power 2 (300 MW), on planned outage until March 6.

Meanwhile, the plants that were put on forced outage over the weekend are Pagbilao Unit 2 (382 MW), GN Power Unit 1 (316 MW), Makban Unit 5 (55 MW), Calaca Expansion Unit 2 (121MW), Malaya Unit 1 (150 MW), Makaban Unit 8 (50 MW), San Lorenzo Module 50 (265 MW), GN Power Unit 2 (316 MW).

In all, the total capacity on outage stood at 2,902 MW.

There were also two gas plants that operated on limited capability due to Malampaya fuel restriction. These are the Ilijan (from 1,200 MW to 857 MW) and San Gabriel (from 420 MW to 260 MW) plants.

At 2 p.m., system capacity stood at 9,971 MW, while demand forecasted to peak at 9,349 MW, leaving a reserve level of 622 MW.

Meralco Head of Networks Ronnie Aperocho said the utility firm is “hoping the Malampaya trouble will be fixed as soon as possible so as not to result to load shedding.”

The utility firm sources bulk of its power requirements from the gas plants fueled by the Malampaya facility.



  1. But didn’t the DOE Sec himself say that there won’t be any brownouts because energy is sufficient? And this is happening just when Meralco is asking the DOE is making an appeal to approve contracts for coal plants! Really makes you wonder…

  2. Malapit na summer mas malaki ang pag gamit ng kuryente, sana hnd magka Power Outages sa ibang lugar

  3. Meralco should be helping us Filipino Yet midnight deals ang.inaatupag nila. Wag ganon meralco!

  4. Obviously Meralco tuwing Summer gumagawa ng fake shortage para mpush ang mga gusto nila. Tsk tsk

  5. As a Filipino Tax Payer, Meralco should do what is right and stop pushing for midnight Deals. Dapat kasuhan!

  6. Dapat sa Meralco makasuhan ang mga nakaupo. Obviously they are creating fake shortage to push for under the table deals

  7. At this point of time wherein our technology is advance ngayon pa talaga magbabanta ng shortage? Meralco pls stop using scare tactics to push for ur midnight deals

  8. The irony of Meralco slogan MAY LIWANAG ANG BUHAY——.. pero Meralco mismo pumapatay sa liwanag ng buhay naming mga pilipino

  9. Grabe naman Meralco. Alam n’yong summer madalas malakas marami nagamit ng electricity tapos ssbhnvmag kakashortage? Nananakot kayo ng ganyan para mapush lang gusto nyo. Very wrong!

  10. Dapat maparusahan ang mga taong nasa likod nyan dahil gusto talaga nila ung deal na May under the table. maling mali

  11. Questionable Meralco na lagi nalang tuwing summer May shortage? Sa tagal na nagseserbisyo hindi p rin naggawan paraan yan? O baka sinasadya talaga para sa mga midnight Deals no?

  12. This is a serious matter. Aside from electricity is a necessity, meralco should think first of its consumer than milking more money from us

  13. Dapat diba may reserve na power? Part ba to ng pananakot nila kapag d nabigay gusto nila? Hmm

  14. Hmm kung magkakashortage i still hope na wg gawing option ang coal plant. Makakasira sa Earth yan sobra

  15. We should not be giving them the glory of having monopolistic power,masyadong mapagsamantala!

  16. No to Coal Power Plant. Wala man lang kayong malasakit sa taumbayan. Ang tindi ng lakas ng loob na i-corrupt ang dapat eh para sa lhat.

  17. Bilib dib ako sa kapal ng mukha ni Meralco. Mind-conditioning na naman para sa midnight deals nila.

  18. This is way too much. They have their own means to cover up their real intention. sobra na kayo meralco!

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