Pre-Valentine’s candy giving to tackle ‘enemy’ of true love

A few days before Valentine’s Day, young people will be giving away candy not just to promote true, chaste love, but to speak up against pornography, which many consider an “enemy of true, self-giving love.”

“Porn is the enemy of true love because the end point of porn is almost always masturbation, or self-pleasuring, while love needs both men and women, especially the men, to be selfless and to sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of their beloved,” explained Anthony James Perez, event head of this year’s pre-Valentine’s Candy-giving Project themed #Free2Love.

Youth volunteers from various pro-life organizations—like Prolife Philippines, Filipinos for Life, YouthPinoy, Love + Life Philippines and Couples for Christ-Singles for Christ, among others—will be distributing packs of candy with flyers on the harmful effects of pornography at the Luneta Park, Manila on February 11 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

According to Perez, the event hopes to raise awareness among the youth about the dangers of porn. “[It] has lasting negative effects to those who regularly watch it. They are less happy with their wives and their sex lives. Porn rewires their brain into thinking that touching oneself while watching porn is more desirable than real sex,” he explained.

Beyond physiological changes in the brain, pornography, Perez said, has been drastically changing the dynamics between the sexes. “If we look at the bigger picture, we hear of stories of more and more women being objectified and sexually harassed. We have less and less gentlemen who are willing to give up their seats in the bus or train for the ladies. Men and women are seen as sex objects—serving to satisfy our fantasies and lust, and not as children of God,” he said.

Donations that will be used for the candies and flyers, as well as other logistical needs may be made by contacting Perez at 0921-8105058/09454850796, or at Those interested to volunteer either on the event day or for the pre-event preparations may also contact Perez.



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