Lixil satisfies desire of PHL market

In Photo: Leading the ceremonial toast for the Philippine launch of Inax Satis S: Carlo Malantic (from left), head, project key accounts, Lixil Philippines; Emily Besavilla, marketing manager, Lixil Philippines; Joralyn Ong, national retail sales director, Lixil Philippines; Bijoy Mohan, CEO, Lixil Asia Pacific; Camille Villar, president, All Value; Alpha Ang, general manager, Lixil Asia Pacific; Audrey Yeo, Grohe vice president for marketing in Asia; Angie Ng, Lixil Asia chief human resources officer; Josephine Lee, senior vice president for marketing Asia, Inax and American Standard; Priyanka Tanwar, head of public affairs for Asia Pacific; Makoto Iyori, minister for economic affairs, Embassy of Japan in the Philippines; and Alen Alban, country manager, Lixil Philippines

TRUE to its promise of “satisfaction,” Lixil Water Technology (LWT) has finally introduced the Inax Satis S to the local market, fulfilling the demand for cutting-edge and high-quality sanitary ware products with innovative yet practical features.

“The consumers in the Philippines are actually ahead of the curve, indeed. It’s not just in Inax. We have seen this happening that many industries [and] brands [have] made their beginnings in Asia from the Philippines,” said Bijoy Mohan, CEO of LWT and Lixil Housing Technology in Asia Pacific, during the product’s launch held recently at Okada Manila in Parañaque City.

The ability of Filipino consumers to attract the best brands and proliferate them in the region, according to Mohan, also has worked with two household names in their portfolios—Grohe and American Standard—which now enjoy a commanding domestic market share.

“Between those brands, we are the largest player in the bathroom industry in the Philippines. But the Filipino consumers want more,” he said of their decision to bring the Inax Satis S here. “This is really a testament to the sophistication of the consumers in the Philippines.”

Showcasing top-rate Japanese technology, Inax Satis S is the world’s fully automated, smaller, tankless and smarter shower toilet.

Inax Satis S is the world’s most compact, fully automated tank-less toilet system. It boasts of first-rate technology and materials meant to provide great pleasure and contentment of its use.

This sanitary ware impresses not only with its uber aesthetic, but also technologies behind the intelligent design—all comprising Inax’s core pillars that deliver human-centric innovation to enhance living spaces.

Because hygiene is always a big consideration in this kind of business, Plasmacluster Technology is embedded in Inax Satis S. It works when the ions are released inside the bowl, killing bacteria and removes odors from leaking.

Helping achieve full sanitation is the Airshield Deodorizer with air current that prevents unpleasant smell from escaping the bowl while it removes odors completely.

For convenience, it’s hands-free—thanks to its fully automated system—having a remote control to adjust bidet water pressure, choose between front and rear cleansing, or even opt to use dryer.

Its automatic seat and cover with a built-in sensor to open and close its lid whenever it detects the presence of a user simply amazes the indulged user.

Another interesting feature is competently demonstrated in its fully automatic flushing action where flushing will occur as soon as the user steps away from the toilet.

“All these key technologies are encapsulated in the world’s most compact, tankless, smarter fully automated shower toilet—the new Satis S,” said Giuliana Anastacio, brand manager of Inax, Lixil Philippines.

“[Such] advancements [and integrated] Japanese technologies make it clear that Inax equates to technology, and technology defines Inax,” she added.

Showcasing world-class technology from Japan, it’s fitting that this breakthrough product debuted in Okada Manila, which also has a Japanese heritage. Around 2,000 Inax automatic toilets are installed at this integrated resort and casino.

This hospitality brand—a fast-rising icon of luxury not only in the Philippines but also in Asia—pampers guests with around 2,000 Inax automatic toilets, whose thoughtful, high-tech features and sophisticated comforts match the elegance of its rooms and suites, as well as opulent function spaces and other shared facilities.

“It’s been an extraordinary experience for us, indeed, Lixil supplied the Okada project from a few years back…and to see this place really blossom and turn into a really iconic structure here in the Philippines,” Lixil Philippines Country Manager Alen Alban said of their first client in the country. “We’re hopeful that we will have Inax partnerships with a lot of [potential clients here] in the future.”

Inax marks its 50th year milestone from introducing the first made-in-Japan shower toilet to spearheading innovation, inventing and reinventing smart bathroom systems, producing world-first technologies and developing the most-advanced sanitary ware products that shape the market and enhance living spaces.

The global introduction of Satis in 2001 earned for the smart toilet a Good Design Gold Award and the recognition as “The World’s Most Compact Shower Toilet that offers Maximum Satisfaction.”

A global leader in the housing and building industry, Lixil Corp. delivers internationally recognized brands, such as Lixil, Inax, Grohe, American Standard and Permasteelisa. The multinational now has over 70,000 employees all over the world in more than 25 countries, with 12 manufacturing plants.


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