Amway opens $1.5-million hub

CONFIDENT of the continuous growth of the Philippine market and, at the same time, providing a physical infrastructure where its active distributors can conduct business, direct-selling firm Amway has invested $1.5 million for the construction of the company’s flagship experience center in the country.

At the Kentek Building along 828 Arnaiz Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, My Amway Place is a one-stop shop where Amway business owners (ABOs) get support in retailing, training and community development.

According to Amway Philippines Country Manager Leni Olmedo, the shop represents one of the milestones of their two-decade existence in the country.

“What we needed to do as a challenge on our 20th anniversary is for Amway to be continually relevant to this target market,” she told reporters recently during the trading hub’s media launch.

My Amway Place is a project undertaken out of the American company’s commitment to the local market and the community it serves. 

“We have worked so hard to make this a kind of place that our ABOs can learn and have amazing opportunities,” Amway Market Innovation Manager for ANEXT Len Iakiri explained.

As one of the biggest investments the multinational has so far poured into the domestic market, he noted this as a “testament to the confidence and faith” that Amway has in the Philippines and the entire Filipino community. 

“We hope that ABOs come to see this space as their home away from home,” he pointed out. “It’s a place to have fun, too.”

The main reason the company put up My Amway Place, Olmedo cited, is that fact that the country is deemed one of the emerging markets globally.

“It’s just so right for us to invest in the Philippines because, economy-wise, we’re among the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia and, demographically, our 100 million population actually is about 70 percent below the age of 35. The average working age here is 23 years old,” she said.

These young talents, who are digital savvy, mobile and competent English speakers are fit to test some of their programs that will remain relevant in the next 60 years, noted the country manager.

“So if we want the best initiatives, of course, the Philippines is going to be one of these markets that will be a really good pilot for experiences.” Olmedo said.

Trading hub at its best

BEHIND the cool, chic style of My Amway Place is Korean design company, Anche Space Consulting Group.

“We designed this world-class space for our ABOs and potential market—a playground to bring the Amway opportunity and experience to life. A place to build your business, explore Amway products, invite prospects and just have fun,” bared James Park, vice president for market innovation at Amway. 

The first story is dedicated to the Lounge, featuring a café that serves coffee and pastries for ABOs and their guests—both existing and potential clients. 

“First impressions matter. This floor is all about building positive connections,” Iakiri emphasized.

“We want to be able to help our ABOs attract new prospects by giving them a space where they can comfortably and confidently meet and start to build that connection,” Olmedo added.

At the second floor is where the Experience and Shopping Center is seated. Here, all of Amway’s top brands, such as Nutrilite, Artistry and the newly launched Korean skin-care line, Miyu, will have experience areas where products may be tried out, consultations may be conducted and shopping may be done. 

“In this market, shopping is really a transformational thing. So we wanted a place where ABOs, prospects and the public can come in—touch, feel or hold the products—and really learn more about them,” cited the Amway market innovation manager for ANEXT.

Also at this level is the Amway Promise Zone. This is where the firm’s total satisfaction guarantee comes to life, including customer care and eSpring warranty-service support. 

“It’s the strongest consumer-protection program in the world,” he said of this pioneering zone that the company launched locally and soon will be available across their locations overseas. “Such a holistic program makes sure that we are providing an exceptional experience that matches the incredible opportunity that Amway provides.”

For capacity building of ABOs, the Training and Events Center housed at the fifth floor offers flexible space options for hosting large meetings and trainings. Likewise, it can hold community events for as many as 300 people. 

This world-class facility is aimed at “making a difference” in the community where Amway does its business.

Beyond providing a physical environment for ABOs and clients, this new address also serves as Amway Philippines’s new headquarters. Situated at the fourth floor of the building, it will house all the employees readily available to extend quality service when needed.

“We believe that engaged and inspired employees give outstanding customer and ABO experiences. So we want to make sure that our employees have a space that they can reflect, work and make a difference and make all of these happen,” Iakiri said.

Seeing that direct selling will continue to become one of the fastest-growing tools of entrepreneurship, Amway vows to continue to provide cutting-edge business environments where its more than 60,000 active distributors nationwide can connect and conduct business with their growing clientele.

“It really builds a good reputation for Amway in the market. Therefore, it’s really a huge opportunity for us to really capture what we wanted, which is to reach out to a bigger segment of the population.”

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