DTI’s Davao food-complex project now under way

THE National Development Co. (NDC), the investment-catalyst arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), said the rolling out of its recently approved Davao Food Complex (DFC) project is under way and options are being considered for its development.

The agri-processing economic zone for food-based industries is still a go, assured Trade Secretary and NDC Chairman Ramon M. Lopez. Details on the 20-hectare land’s development are being discussed.

“We’re set on continuing agri-processing in Davao. We’re now looking at the right business model, and deciding whether the land will be on a straight-lease arrangement or if the NDC will develop the property and buildings,” Lopez told reporters in an interview recently.

The NDC board previously recommended management to consider implementation through a joint-venture scheme between the NDC and a private partner.

The proposed economic zone will include food-processing centers, cold storage and
warehouse facilities.

Agri-aqua culture for ornamental fish and hatchery facility, technology and business incubation center, as well as water filtration and bottling facility for potable water-related enterprises are also being planned in the complex, the trade chief said.

A tourism component will also be included in the project.

The DFC site forms part of the entire 25-hectare land owned by the NDC, with the other 5-hectare sites currently being converted into the Davao Agri-Trading Center, whose completion is now at 40 percent.

Employment generated from the project is seen at 3,300 employees and can reduce postharvest losses and spoilage by as much as 20 percent.


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