MRT 3 maintenance provider bats for system audit of rail line

INVESTIGATING the root cause of the glitches and service interruptions that plague the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Line 3 would yield only one answer, which according to its maintenance provider, is the “inherent flaws” in the facility’s design.

Busan Universal Rail Inc. made this statement amid its call for a system audit of the rail line, which has been seeing several service interruptions and passenger unloading incidents over the past few years.

To make its plea formal, the company submitted to MRT 3 General Manager Rodolfo Garcia a letter pressing for the said system review.

The said probe, according to the Busan’s letter, would only “confirm that the MRT 3 design flaws are the primary reason for the recurring service interruptions of the system”.

Citing records from 2000, Busan claimed that it has been maintaining the system properly, noting that it has lessened the number of glitches from 2015’s recorded 2,776 issues to about 992 in mid-June 2017.

“With the original system flaws compounded by overloading and excessive vibrations and poor track condition that lead to failure of electronic, electrical and mechanical parts of the MRT 3 system and has resulted in the continuing occurence of glitches and stoppages,” Busan said.

Charles Perfecto A. Mercado, the company’s legal counsel, said his group is “open to an extensive system audit to once and for all produce an in-depth factual report of the current status of the system as opposed to putting all the blame to the maintenance contractor”.

He previously made the call for the system audit to Department of Transportation Undersecretary for Rails Cesar B. Chavez, who, he said, did not take any action on the matter.

The BusinessMirror sought for Chavez’s comment, but he has yet to reply as of press time.

Chavez has repeatedly said he has recommended the termination of the government’s contract with Busan for failing to maintain the system properly.

MRT Holdings Inc. Chairman Robert John L. Sobrepeña has also belied the claims of Busan, saying that its accusations are “ridiculous”.

Sobrepeña’s group owns the rail facility. It is being operated by the government through a build-lease-transfer agreement signed roughly two decades ago.

The MRT 3 has been a huge problem for the government for over half a decade now due to congestion relating to operations and maintenance issues.

Several proposals to rehabilitate and improve the train line have been offered to the government, but to date, these proposals have yet to be acted upon.



  1. Bakit kase sa maintenance lahat ng sisi sa mga glitches ng MRT samantalang dati na yang problema at nangyayari sa MRT. Buti pa BURI alam kung anong mismong problema sa MRT na yang Design Flaws na hindi man lang iniintindi nitong si Chavez puro sisi lang ang alam dapat siya ang iterminate.

  2. Dati na problema itong mga glitches, panay bato lang sa BURI para maipasok ang may mga motibo ulit. Mahina ata bigayan kanila CHAVEZ at SOBREPENA kaya gumagawa ng lusot. Isa rin tong si NOGRALES eh, PBA Representative, puro MRT inaatupag.

    1. Lahat na lang sinisisi nila sa BURI kahit ang mga namumuno sa MRT ang sila talang may problema hindi man lang nila napansin na Design Flaws na ang problema buti pa ang BURI ay napansin ito.

    1. Hoy kung hindi nag investigate ang BURI at nalaman nilang design flaws ang problema malamang eh mangangapa pa din yung susunod na maintenance provider. Kaya gustong gusto alisin ni Chavez ang BURI dahil ayaw niyang maexpose yung kalokohang ginawa ni Sobrepena sa MRT3!

      1. Ow really, Nung panahon lang anman ng yellowtards nagsimula ang ganyan sa MRT 3. May pumasok pang mga salot na maintenance provider na nam buriki sa gobyerno.

  3. Speaking of audit, the Commission on Audit has made some charges that BURI has yet to answer, specifically: a) The company is undercapitalized, b) it has not provided a proper audit of parts procurement, c) the DOTC official who signed the contract was a mere Undersecretary when it should have been Department Secretary Abaya. This would put into question whether the contract is valid in the first place. Plus government must investigate reports that the majority of BURI member companies are not qualified to handle rail maintenance. So maybe the complaint of design flaws is not BURI’s dilatory tactic. Maybe it’s true. If so, we cannot expect an unqualified company to address something so critical and deep rooted.

    1. but wala ng update about dyan sa audit na yan! why kasi lack of evidence and just a black propaganda to destroy their reputation just like you and your job a black propaganda! God Bless

      1. pinapansin mo pa yan si roy eh isa pa yan na makitid ang utak ang alam lang nyan ay kung ano ang natanggap nya na data di na nya alam ang nasa likod nun kaya nagmumukang sugmaw dahil putak ng putak parang si chavez na di muna iverify data bago magsalita

    2. hahahaha lalim ah parang atty tayo tol ah. anong basis mo para sabihin na unqualified? yung sinabi ng tita mo o yung kapitbahay nyo?

    1. not blame you snooper! Thank them for investigating and finding the root of the problem! What they did was look for the bigger picture and identify who is the root of the problem why MRT-3 is such a failure just like you.

      1. Tama ka Felix Manalo, kung hindi nag invetigate ang BURI malamang eh mangangapa pa din yung susunod na maintenance provider. Kaya gustong gusto alisin ni Chavez ang BURI dahil ayaw niyang maexpose yung kalokohang ginawa ni Sobrepena sa MRT3!

    2. yan ang patunay na may makitid ka na utak! ang blame ay isang bagay na magtuturo ka ng walang patunay pero ngayun ay may solid evidence sila hindi sila inutil gaya mo! they investigate bago sila magsalita at sigurado sila na may sapat sila na pang back up sa statement nila at hindi puro ampao na salita.

  4. Just do the audit on MRT-3 to prove if there really is any design flaws in MRT-3 so we can identify the root of this BS problem instead of pointing fingers… we are already pass that age tapos na ang age ni aquino na turuan now is the time na instead of pointing fingers we search for the real answer the main problem the root of evil which is sobrepeña!

  5. Design Flaws naman talaga ang siyang problema ng MRT hindi yung mismong maintenance provider nito. Kaya tama na ang paninira at pagsisi sa BURI Usec. Chavez at Nograles tignan niyo muna kung ano ang mali sa MRT bago kayo manisi at manira.

  6. Bakit hindi pa ipa audit iyan, ng magka alaman na! Natatakot ka ba Chavez na malaman ng publiko mga kalokohan mo at pangiipit sa BURI?

  7. Kung may dapat mang sisihin sa design flaws ng MRT3, ay si Sobrepeña. Nagtataka nalanga ko kung bakit ayaw tanungin ni Chavez si Sobrepeña tungkol doon? Baka sya mismo binabayaran sya ni Sobrepeña para hindi mapunta sa kanya ang sisi sa kanyang mga kabiguan.

  8. Puro lang naman ang sisi nitong si Chavez samantalang mas gumanda at umayos ang MRT ngayong BURI na naging maintenance nito at compared naman sa mga naging maintenance ng MRT katulad ng Sumitomo dihamak na BURI na ang naging matinong maintenance provider. Noong BURI na ang naging maintenance mas marami na ang mga nagagamit na train lalong lalo na sa mga rush hours. Pabida lang si Chavez para magawa niya ang kanyang hidden agenda na ibalik ang walang kakwenta kwentang maintenance na Sumitomo at ang laki pa ng singil dahil makakakurakot siya ng malaki.

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