Discover the rare and beautiful with Ethiopian Airlines

In Photo: The Ethiopian Wolf (Canis Simensis), with red and white fur, is like the coyote in size and physique.

KNOWN as a land of natural contrasts, Ethiopia is a burgeoning go-to tourist destination for Filipinos in search of a paradise off-the-beaten path. Endowed with magnificent landscapes from its fertile jungles down to rolling hills, Ethiopia is a treasure-filled country with plenty of captivating rarities just waiting to be discovered.

Welo opals, also known as Ethiopian fire opals, have magnificent patterns and brilliant colors.

Access to Ethiopia has been made easy through Ethiopian Airlines’s services in the Philippines. Recognized as the Best Airline in Africa in 2017’s SKYTRAX World Airline Awards, the carrier boasts of its exceptional Cloud Nine Business Class services, comfortable economy-class seats and variety of in-flight entertainment. As Ethiopia’s gateway to the Philippines, Ethiopian Airlines proudly shares its unique and beautiful side waiting to be uncovered.

Rivaling the country’s colorful landscape is none other than Ethiopia’s experiential cuisine. A reflection of the country’s lush lands and rich history, Ethiopian food is mainly characterized by an abundance of vegetables and spicy meat dishes. Always in attendance at an Ethiopian dining table is a staple spice called Niter Kibbeh, which is a seasoned, clarified butter infused with different herbs and spices. Considered as the heart and soul of most Ethiopian dishes, it would be nearly impossible to cook up an authentic Ethiopian dish without the Niter Kibbeh.

Kitfo is a traditional Ethiopian dish of minced raw beef and spices.

As tourists experience the wonderful wildness of Ethiopian cuisine, another rare find awaits them at the highlands of Ethiopia. Commonly known as the Ethiopian wolf, the Canis Simensis is among the rarest endangered species native to the country, with only 500 of them remaining in the wild.

Home to a wealth of exotic reserves, Ethiopia also boasts of its Welo opals, which showcase a diverse fusion of neon reds, oranges, greens, blues, yellows and contra lush fires. The colors formed in Ethiopian opals such as turquoise and indigo, are rarely found in common opals. Ethiopian opals are celebrated for its striking patterns unique to each stone.

A trip to Ethiopia is not only a visual feast, but it is also an interesting trip through time as one of the most fascinating things about the country is the Ethiopian Calendar, a solar calendar derived from the Egyptian Calendar. Between the Georgian and Ethiopian calendars lies a gap of roughly seven years, meaning to say that in Ethiopia, it is only the year 2010.

Common to all beautiful wonders is a mild hint of isolation. Although some places in Ethiopia are quite tricky to reach via land, most travelers who wish to marvel at the spectacular treasures of Ethiopia must not fret. With Ethiopian Airlines, booking a trip to this exotic land, as well as its different domestic destinations, has been made quick and simple for a seamless picturesque vacation worthy of a coveted well-curated Instagram feed.

At present, Ethiopian Airlines flies four times weekly from Manila to Addis Ababa, with access to over 92 international destinations all over the world.


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