Zen Rooms helped boost budget-hotel room total in Metro Manila


ROCKET Internet subsidiary Zen Rooms has helped address the shortage of rooms in the budget-hotel sector in Manila through its new product Zen Homes.

Zen Homes are condo spaces offered with hotel-like services at a fraction of the price, which Zen Homes Country Manager Benjamin Nicolas said helps bridge the gap between the supply and demand for budget accommodation in the Philippines.

“With Zen Homes, we are further disrupting the Filipino market, offering fully equipped, quality- controlled serviced studios, for a fraction of the cost of nearby hotel rooms,” he said.  For example, at the heart of Makati, Zen Homes are priced at only P1,500, all inclusive. This means a modern 33-square meter studio unit, including a kitchen, gym and a swimming pool in a high-end building, with all professional conveniences, such as free daily cleaning, and 24/7 care.

“This type of value for money has never been seen before in the Philippines and goes to the core of our strategy: Continuously pushing the limits so as to improve travel conditions in the country,” Nicolas said.

Zen Homes are currently available in Manila and will be launched in key cities all over the country in the second half of 2017.


  1. This is not news it is an advert. How long do you think the residents of the high end condos will put up with people sleeping 5 to a room which is designed for 2 before raising the issue with the condo association and disrupting the disruptor?


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