A tale of modern nature

In Photo: The architecture of the different structures in Pico de Loro Cove were carefully planned to fuse with the cove’s natural topography and features.

HAMILO Coast is a place of many stories—brimming from its vast, pristine coastline that opens up to rich marine life and abundant flora and fauna.

The Saint Therese Chapel is a favored wedding venue of members due to its awe-inspiring vistas of the entire property wrapped in the comforts of nature’s charm.

The stories also traverse from all of the beach resort town’s 13 coves that reach out to the West Philippine Sea: each one as breathtaking as the other.

As much as it is a showcase of nature’s beauty, Hamilo Coast also presents structures carefully master planned to seamlessly fuse with its natural topography and features. Perched atop Hamilo Coast’s maiden community, Pico de Loro Cove, the Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel is a sight to behold. The glass enclosure frames panoramic views of the cove and the infinity of sea into an artwork of paradise waiting to be appreciated from afar. The chapel is also a product of sustainable features where solar power-assisted air-conditioning units are utilized, and the architectural design is made sure to maximize natural light, adding ambience to an already charming backdrop. With the Saint Therese Chapel tucked perfectly in between the lush environs of Pico de Loro Cove, the entire property may serve as an ideal venue for weddings and special occasions aside from prayer and meditation. The lush open spaces, tree canopies and the calm Pico Beach all contribute to Pico de Loro Cove’s seamless fusion of nature and design providing certain areas for tranquil pursuits and festivities.

The Saint Therese Chapel shows how a subtle space blends with its impressive surrounding to provide a visual structure that is one with nature

Envision saying “I dos” amid the sun, the sea and the lush landscapes. Aside from Sunday and special mass celebrations, the Saint Therese Chapel is a favored wedding venue of members who choose this scenic paradise as a witness to their personal vows. Add a touch of magic to your own tale of love with awe-inspiring vistas of the entire property from the chapel. Here, verses of romance are told in the few seconds the sun meets with the sea. Such cherished moments are captured once in a couple’s lifetime. At Saint Therese Chapel, worthwhile family occasions are wrapped somewhere in the comforts of nature’s charm—in an ambience that provides countless vivid recollections.

While it is a venue for undisturbed peace and solemn celebrations, the Saint Therese Chapel stands to be a firm testament of Hamilo Coast’s commitment to sustainability. Hamilo Coast strives to make sure that development and preservation can coexist, thus providing a visual structure that is one with nature.

Hamilo Coast is the SM Group’s premier beach resort town in Nasugbu, Batangas. Hamilo Coast is now approximately 90 minutes from Manila via Cavitex and the new Ternate-Nasugbu Road. For inquiries, visit www.hamilocoast.com.


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