Phinma celebrates 60 years in business

PHINMA Corp. celebrated its 60th anniversary with some of its partners and friends across the business sector.

Phinma dates back to 1957, when it was known as Bacnotan Consolidated Industries Inc.

In celebrating its milestone, Phinma President and CEO Ramon R. del Rosario said, “From cement and oil, to paper to roofing and coal—we produced the material used for this country’s roads, bridges and skyscrapers.  Ours is a history of the development of the Filipino entrepreneur and
professional manager.

Ours is a 60-year legacy of service and love of our nation and our people.”

The Filipino company shifted from providing core materials to serve their countrymen. “We mostly left our legacy and moved into new territory, services—housing, power, hospitality and education.  We moved from the production of the material buildings are made of, to the formation of the material that nations are built on, her people.”

Phinma’s legacy is that of continued growth, diversification and innovation. Though the conglomerate places immense value in its continued expansion, one thing remains the same—its passion for the Philippines and the people.

“What had not dissipated were Phinma’s love of nation and its tradition of professional, competent and ethical management,” del Rosario said.

Phinma Corp. is now known for its subsidiaries UGC, Microtel, which will soon be renamed as Phinma Hospitality, Phinma Properties, Phinma Education and Phinma Energy.


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