Akamai introduces OTT-accelerator

AKAMAI Technologies Inc. announced on March 22 the availability of its media accelerator, which the company promises will improve viewing experiences for over-the-top (OTT) consumer products. According to the content delivery network services provider, the technology is integrated directly into consumer applications to optimize the experience for each individual end user.

“OTT operators can take advantage of more efficient communication between consumer devices and the Akamai network to deliver video that is ideally suited for the device capabilities, network type and conditions of specific end users,” the company said. “By overcoming many of the fundamental challenges of online video delivery, the media accelerator can help OTT operators provide a consistently high and predictable quality of experience to which consumers are accustomed with traditional broadcast.”

The company said its product is currently being used by Vimeo, an online video-sharing platform.

Akamai’s release of its media accelerator came as the International Data Corp. (IDC) forecast that by 2018, OTT linear-TV subscriber growth will start to drive traditional pay-TV overhaul via cloud migration.


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