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2017 Trends: Wellness in the New Year

IN 2016 there was a big cultural shift toward our overall focus on health and wellness. Kombucha busted into the mainstream, juice bars opened up in every corner, and yoga practices were decidedly more focused on meditation.

Pursuing activities that nourish our minds and bodies will definitely be continuing in 2017. While some shifts are building on older trends, such as Athleisure esthetic, others like medicinal mushroom supplements are entirely new. The heart of these trends, whether old or new, is all about reducing stress and cutting through anxieties to better concentrate on our overall health.

In Photo: A Fijian warrior in full ceremonial dress presents a bilo (coconut shell) full of kava to a guest, a traditional welcome to an honored guest in Fiji.
In Photo: A Fijian warrior in full ceremonial dress presents a bilo (coconut shell) full of kava to a guest, a traditional welcome to an honored guest in Fiji.

1 Wellness Retreats. Why go on vacation only to undo all your healthy hard work with a few too many margaritas? This is the theory behind the explosion of yoga, meditation, and wellness retreats popping up in all the most beautiful places around the world. Because people are eating cleaner, exercising more and catering to the health of their mind and body; they are also looking to extend their new healthy lifestyle into their vacations and leisure time.

As you may have noticed, nearly every self-made instagram yogi has begun hosting week-long yoga retreats on beautiful beaches and in exotic locations. Boutique hotel chains are beginning to specifically target this up and coming market as well by adding branded gyms, expanded yoga studios, and building juice bars at their facilities. Even lifestyle clothing brands (think Lululemon and Free People) are starting to develop luxury wellness retreats, which focus on the core values of their companies. Meditation, vegan, and yoga retreats are about to blow up this year!

Mariangarai |
Mariangarai |

2 Athleisure Moves into the Office. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Athleisure refers to casual clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies — that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing (almost) everything else.” Now, the flood of athleisure companies on the market are pushing stretchy, washable, and wrinkle proof fabrics formerly restricted to the gym into the office.

In 2017, the push is on for designing smart, simple and easy to wash designs, which can be worn to work. Athletic designers are pursuing an aesthetic for a busy, healthy and beautiful professional who needs to fit a quick run or yoga practice in with her work schedule. In their opinion just because activewear is comfortable, does not mean it cannot also be fashionable in every situation.

Suradechk |
Suradechk |

3 Fringe Wellness becomes Mainstream. In the past decade, wellness has been taking a strong turn towards reducing stress and focusing on more holistic approaches that weave a variety of methods together. The shift towards more alternative therapies such as crystal ceremonies and sound bath meditation sessions are just some of the ways people will be trying to address increasing levels of stress and anxiety in our busy world.

No longer will cupping, chakra alignment or reiki be considered pseudo-science or fringe activities; these therapies are moving into the mainstream and being toted by everyone from olympic athletes to celebrities. In 2017, expect to see what were once considered “hippy dippy” wellness ideas making their way into your yoga studio and health food store.

4 Sobriety Goes Mainstream.

This year is going to be all about sobriety to better focus on overall wellness. Since cutting sugars and carbs from our diet is commonplace these days, why not take it a step further and cut out booze? In New York and Los Angeles, there are already more events, dinners, and parties, which are alcohol free and this will surely spread.

Instead of a cocktail, why not get a mocktail or a herbal tonic with dinner? At least that’s what the trend seems to be suggesting. This year, people are going to realize they can take their health and wellness to entirely new heights, even during celebrations, on dates and at bars.

5 Medicinal Mushrooms. No, this doesn’t mean magical mushrooms; 2017 is going to be talking about medicinal mushrooms. Long cherished in traditional Chinese medicines, medicinal mushrooms are gaining popularity. Chaga, reishi, Turkey tail and lion’s mane are becoming popular additives and supplements. Why are mushrooms suddenly gaining popularity? Partially this is because new research is finding out just how powerful they can be. There are incredible studies coming out showing results from fighting cancer, balancing blood sugar and reducing inflammation. Unlike many other natural substances, certain mushrooms also contain significant amounts of vitamin D, something we all can use more of.

6 Kava Kava. As people move away from alcohol in 2017, a new social lubricator is taking its place. Kava root originates in the South Pacific and is still an important social ritual in many traditional cultures. The root powder is made into a beverage, and promotes mild feelings of euphoria, relaxation and happiness. Kava bars, although common in other areas of the world are starting to become trendy in North America, popping up in New York, Los Angeles, Miami just to name a few cities.

Because Kava’s effects are mild, and the hangover non-existent, it fits with the other trends in 2017 of move more towards an overall healthier lifestyle. It also is a good social lubricator and stress reliever, another plus when we consider the new trends moving towards less alcohol and more sobriety.

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