Tech company enhances buying experience by adding product smell to pioneering service

In Phoot: Hinolan

By Efleda P. Campos / Senior Editor

SOUNDS and visuals have helped sell products for years.

Actually smelling the product in a showroom or a store is a signature service AudioWAV Media Inc. (audioWAV) is giving its customers, using a company-developed app to enhance the buying experience of the target consumers who see, hear and smell the product being promoted.

Carlos Jose “Caloy” G. Hinolan, audioWAV CEO, said his company is a rapidly expanding tech-media company in Asia that provides “dynamic visuals, engaging music and messaging, ambient scenting, and interactive mobile solutions across brick-and-mortar businesses using its centrally managed proprietary technology.”

The company uses the Internet and its own app to enhance the end-user’s “multisensory experience or branding” to push the product beyond the in-store environment.

Hinosan said his company provides “cutting-edge atmospheric sensory-branding technology that’s centered on enhancing experiential marketing. Think better sound, scent and sight. The result? Increased brand awareness, and deeper customer connections.”

He said his company began in 2003, providing in-store advertising using sounds and visuals. Among his first clients were Chow King’s 288 stores.

His service now includes a combination of audio, visual and olfactory sensations. He said his company is currently installing the third—smelling the product seen on the store monitor—in bigger Mercury Drug locations, about 1,100 outlets—throughout the country.  His goal is to provide his company’s low-tech, green-technology service to 5,000 Mercury Drug stores by the first quarter of 2017.

Among his clients are the country’s biggest malls and store chains throughout the country.

His client base is expanding, he said, eyeing China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, among the Philippines’s Asean neighbors. In fact, his company is now pilot-testing—in three months—his service in a store chain in Indonesia. Soon, he hoped, his company’s service will expand to encompass the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

“We like to think global,” he said.


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