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Rex Group goes solar

The Rex Group of Cos. is now an alternative-energy user, after it recently switched to solar to power its operations.

In a statement on Thursday, the publishing house announced the powering up of its 178.5-kilowatt-per-hour solar rooftop this week, envisioned to displace Rex’s power consumption by 20 percent.

This was made possible by Greenheat Corp., a solar solutions provider with over 10,000 installations in its portfolio.  The solar power plant is part of Rex’s energy conservation and efficiency program that institutionalizes the practice of saving energy using available technologies.

“As a company whose core business is to produce books and with paper as its raw material, the solar power plant is definitely a worthwhile project,” Rex Group Chairman and President Dominador D. Buhain said. Manufacturing companies have the most to gain when they go solar because of the nature of their businesses, Greenheat Director Glenn Tong added.

Though slow to start, the shift from traditional to renewable energy in the country has picked up pace since 2012, after legislators enacted Republic Act 9513, or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. The law primarily promotes the development, utilization and commercialization of renewable-energy resources.

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