Now Corp. to launch content aggregator platform in June

LISTED technology company Now Corp. will roll out by June an information-technology (IT) product that will aggregate into one any content platform at the user’s control.

Mel Velarde, the company’s president, presented to the BusinessMirror on Friday the platform called “Now Planet,” which allows a user to place a content platform like Netflix, YouTube and Instagram into channels.

Velarde said the company has tested the platform at the Chinese General Hospital wherein graduation ceremonies were beamed onto a channel and to several devices—personal computers, laptop, handhelds. A screen on the same device allows a user to take a snapshot of the event and post the photo or video link to Twitter.

“A user can have as many channels as he or she wants,” Velarde said. “He or she can also have as many screens [formed automatically as a grid on a device monitor] as he or she wants.”

Velarde also explained the platform offers 1 terabyte of data for free, as the company uses the cloud for storage. Additional terabytes would come with a fee, which would be our revenue source, he said.

According to Velarde, the company is not “reinventing the wheel” as it observed how Filipinos interact with technology, especially hardware.

“As IT develops, many consumers also learn how to maximize its benefits,” he told the BusinessMirror. According to Velarde, they also checked other studies that IT consumers are multitasking and are multiscreen users.

He explained that, while the bias for the “mother of content platforms” is on media consumers, Now Corp. sees the Now Planet could be applied in other sectors.

He cited, for instance, a video of a teacher’s discussion in a university auditorium could be beamed to other branches for other students to watch. The Now Planet runs on a virtual private network and, hence, could be secure and without flicker, Velarde explained.


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