NFA chief quits, cites health reasons

THE head of the National Food Authority (NFA) said on Wednesday he is stepping down from office due to health and personal reasons.

NFA Administrator Renan B. Dalisay said he has already submitted his resignation letter to the Office of the President. His resignation will take effect on  April 30.

Dalisay, who was appointed as NFA’s administrator in November 2014, said he continues to wait for the President’s feedback on his resignation.

“I’m just waiting for the consideration of the President. But I have to do this now. If I don’t do this, it may further cause more damage to my health and also affect the agency,” he said in a phone interview.

Despite his resignation, Dalisay made an assurance that the food agency has already made all the necessary preparations to ensure that the country will have enough rice stocks during the lean months.

“We have already prepared all the possible rice-importation schemes for the 500,000 MT standby authority given by Malacañang. The next administration can quickly execute these schemes should they decide to,” Dalisay said.

Based on the NFA’s sales, Dalisay said the Philippines is projected to have a rice 31-day buffer stock by June 30.

He said the NFA Council was scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss importation schemes and if they should leave the final decision of  buying more imported rice to the next NFA administration.

“If you ask me, it’s better to leave the decision to them, since by then, the next president will have made clear his or her importation policy,” he said.

The Philippines imports rice to ensure the stability of supply and price in the domestic market.


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